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Comment Re: Never (Score 1) 369

I think most places I've worked could be massively streamlined - but it'll never happen in anything other than a piece meal fashion.
I think once the business gets larger than a few thousand people there's just no way to completely avoid the money and effort wasted making various systems work together.
You have groups that do things *this way and have *these vendors that provide data in *this format while some other groups do things entirely differently yet have to process and integrate the data from those other groups. The output changes based on political whims of the department heads or who can negotiate a better contract with who.

The efforts to clean up and consolidate never stop nor do the jobs for people who make it happen.
I've been involved in projects that successfully clean up and consolidate some particular area but it's never *everything and there's always another one around the corner.

Comment Re:Never (Score 1) 369

similar here It seems most of what I do is debugging when some automated process doesn't work for some reason, and figuring out how to deal with those unique cases.
That or modifying other processes / software to fit into the current environment seems to broadly cover a lot of what I've done over the last 25 years.
I'm sure things will change but they already do anyways.

I think a lot of IT types are going to be somewhat covered by the fact that a lot of us work in environments that are unique enough that off the shelf solutions don't work, or only partially work, and it's not in any vendor's financial interest to make a solution that works for that 1 case.
Besides ... I'll be out of the game soon enough anyways. ;)

Comment Re:Lol (Score 1) 305

Grew up in LA then lived in the Bay Area for 20 years ... never realized the prepending of freeway number with "the" until I heard a discussion about it.
I started to pay attention to my speech and realized that I already only referred to *socal freeways with "the".
"Take the 101 to the 405 the go all the way to the 210"
"Take 280 to 85 then get on 17"

Comment Re:Nope (Score 1) 675

I'm in the US.
I've been to a few places that do chip and sign. These are mostly small coffee shops type places using Square or something similar.
All the major stores that I've used a chip at are chip and pin.

That said ... the usage is hit and miss.
Maybe 70% of the places I go use chip, the others still swipe. (even when they *have a chip reader)

Comment Re:So when's "gun control" going to stop guys with (Score 1) 276

Why would it make sense to lump the US with any of the countries you name but Canada? None of them are anything like the US

We could start with all except Mexico having nearly universal municipal sewage and clean water.
Outside of a big city you don't either of these things in Mexico - and even in one it's unlikely you have both.
Even *in a big city you don't drink the water that comes out of the pipes ... and it has nothing to do with the garbage you were taught as a kid that it's because we don't have the same gut bacteria; the LOCALS don't drink the water.
Everybody either gets bottled water at the store, takes jugs to the big water purification joints you find all over Mexico, or filters their own well water.

If you had ever traveled through Mexico you'd understand just how ludicrous it is to call it a 'developed' country.

Mexico is literally a 3rd world country.

Comment Re:Considering how fast Google ditched China (Score 1) 381

The intent isn't to actually remove it ... just make it more 'difficult' to find.
People who really want to find it still can by either paying to search something like Lexus Nexus,
paying to have somebody research beyond what's available on a quick google search,
or by paying for one of the apps that are coming out to do this for you.

Can't have the poors getting the same access information as the wealthy.
Regardless if it's the intent, this will ensure the internet won't allow people to bypass the economic stratification that we've all come to know and love in the physical world.

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