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Submission + - Putting OLPC Etoys Projects Online (smalltalktelevision.com)

Chris Cunnington writes: "The OLPC has a suite of tools called Etoys that allow children to paint and then script their painting into an animation or a program. Up to now it's been difficult to put these creations online. Masashi Umezawa created the SuperSwiki2 http://swikis.ddo.jp/ to do the job. You need a box and a sysadmin to do it. Now a host is offering a Flash movie on how to do it and shows an example on its host page. http://www.smalltalktelevision.com./ Naturally, a plugin is required, which no matter what means you use, can be found at http://www.squeakland.org/download. Putting Etoys online is like Flash in, say, 1996."

Comment Re:So? (Score 4, Insightful) 459

The day Ruby or Python takes over from the boot grub loader for the initialization of init levels in Linux on start up is the day your statement makes sense. Until then, I think people with your attitude love one tool too much. If you don't understand BASH, you don't really understand Linux. I think OS start up is a serious script.

Comment Re:Outside the US? Hot Spot Shield (Score 3, Informative) 276

I watch stuff on hulu.com like Simon & Simon (they have seasons 2 & 3, which are not available on DVD). I do it using Hot Spot Shield which creates a VPN to mask where you are. The trade off, of course, is advertising. I can live with that. I just tried it on cbs.com/classics and watched some of a Star Trek episode. I'm in Toronto.

Comment The End Purpose? (Score 1) 85

I'm weening myself off an addiction to esoteric info in compsci to deepen a few areas. This would be great to learn how things work, but what are you going to build with it? I'm not so keen on learning for its sake these days. What is the reader going to build? I think just taking the work of others and stealing it to sell it is a bit feeble. Is there a constructive use here beyond knowledge for knowledge's sake?

Submission + - New Squeak Book Released On The Creative Common (squeak.org)

brasspen writes: All those 25,000 people buying their OLPCs under the G1G1 program may want a book to examine how the innards of the Squeak portion works. Squeak is part of the EToys section of the One Laptop Per Child project. The European Smalltalk Users Group has released an open source book on the Creative Commons called Squeak By Example, which is the first book to be published as a primer on the Squeak/Smalltalk system in about a decade. It's available free as a PDF. The details are on a press release on the Squeak homepage.

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