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Comment Re:Not what it looks like (Score 1) 683

This would also seem to be problematic to reconcile with the ADA. This is definitely something that is a larger necessity for people with disabilities, and that the Author's Guild isn't seeing that shows how little they are used to considering this group, instead wanting to charge exorbitant rates for Brail copies of the book and thinking that addresses it. However this ignores the group of folks who have impaired motor control. Try turning the page without using your hands and see how many books you'd want to be reading. Yes, there are various forms of voice command software, but all of it is still a bit buggy and not necessarily something you would want to use in all places. A couple examples of this would be a library, work place, or cafe' where you don't want to disturb others.

Comment Re:Of course, how else can the evid. be valid? (Score 1) 216

Of course in the case of a officer pulling you over for speeding, his "expert opinion" of how fast you are going is often admitted in court. I've even had an officer admit that he "visually estimated" my speed during the initial hearing, and the judge let it stand since he was an "expert with training." That said, when I returned for the actual trial, I got another judge since the one that had been hearing the case had been impeached (I think that is the term) on charges of funding Gun running and smuggling. The replacement judge let me take traffic school instead which is what I had originally asked the first judge to allow. Point is though that "Expert opinion" is one way that having to document actual facts can be avoided. I wouldn't be surprised if the RIAA tried some variation of this tactic.

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