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Journal Journal: Synthetic Biology Could Be Used To Turn Sugar Into Diesel 355

ABCTech has an interesting article about an Emeryville-base tech startup, Amyris Biotechnologies , that is planning to use microbes to turn sugar into diesel. Ethanol is made by adding sugar to yeast, but Amyris believes that it can reprogram the microbes to make something closer to gasoline. The company was initially given a $43 million grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to attempt to research the appl

Submission + - Tennessee Valley Authority to build 2 New Reactors

TheDawgLives writes: "The Washington Post is running an article about the Tennessee Valley Authority's plans to bring three nuclear reactors online. They will submit applications to build two new nuclear reactors under the government's streamlined licensing process and restart its oldest reactor after a 22-year shutdown. The total cost could exceed $7 billion for design and construction, but if completed, they could be the first new nuclear reactors in almost 30 years."

Submission + - Sea Launch Fail During Takeoff

brandido writes: As sadly reported on Space.com, a Sea Launch mission to launch the NSS-8 Communications satellite failed during takeoff. Web feeds were abruptly cut as the vehicle and payload dissolved in a fireball that engulfed the Odyssey launch platform. A picture on SpaceFlightNow shows the vehicle and launch platform shortly before the feed was cut. Details are still scarce as the story develops, and based on the Space.com reporting, it is unclear what the state of the Odyssey launch platform was, but it seemed the vehicle and payload were a complete loss. Sea Launch has promised to form a "Failure Review Oversight Board" to try and find the source of the failure. Disclosure of conflict of interest — I work for a Sea Launch competitor.

Submission + - Colbert causes vandalism on Wikipedia for 12 hours

Ian Weller writes: "Stephen Colbert, on his Comedy Central TV show "The Colbert Report", recently caused another problem on Wikipedia: In his "The Word" segment, he brought up Microsoft's hiring of a kid in Australia to edit pages on the freely-editable encyclopedia to make their products sound more appealing to consumers, which he called "wikilobbying". Colbert fought back by offering "five bucks" to the first person who edited the page to say "reality has become a commodity." Well, it happened — and it stayed that way for 12 and a half hours until the page was finally reverted. Proves that being a celebrity means that you can control the world, in a sense..."

Submission + - Barbara Boxer Wants Opinions on Global Warming

fistfullast33l writes: "Barbara Boxer(D-CA) wants to know how you would legislate environmental issues in the 110th Congress. She has posted a survey asking you to rank 9 items that Congress can do to limit the effects of Global Warming. The Congresswoman is currently Chair of Environment and Public Works Committee in the United States Senate and plans to put your input to good use."

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