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Comment You fools (Score 1) 309

It was probably the real AI convincing this Warwick guy do the press release, then adding media hype and after everybody finds out it is a hoax, it will convince the scientific community that the real AI is still not yet possible, however the real IS there.

Pfff .. finishing my third beer. But in case it turns out I am right, I can tell you later that "See, there was a real AI, I told you so!".

Comment Re:How are nuclear weapons going to help though? (Score 1) 498

It may be that Russian influence is causing problems in Crimea, but you should also know that that portion of the country is hugely ethnic Russian, and strongly in favor of Russian rule.

This is kind-of-almost true, but the majority of the Crimean residents do not support it (yet). At least according to the following study.

In Ukraine, as well as in Russia majority of respondents wants both countries to be independent, but friendly - with open borders, without visas and customs houses (in Ukraine – 68%, in Russia – 59%). In Ukraine with numbers have decreased since November, 2013 by 5%, in Russia – increased by 4%. Integration with Russia into a single state is supported by 12% of respondents in Ukraine, and during recent years this number has decreased from 20% to 9%, but after Maidan – increased by 3%. The main part of supporters of this idea of unification with Russia is in the East (26%) and South (19%), while the smallest part is in the Center (5%) and West (1%) of Ukraine. By regions majority of integration with Russia in one state is in Crimea (41%), Donetsk district (33%), Lugansk district (24%), Odessa district (24%), Zaporizhzhya (17%) and Kharkiv (15%) districts, but even there support to the current status of relations with Russia - as two independent and friendly states – prevails.

Among Russians the desire to have Ukraine and Russia as two independent and friendly states (with open borders, without visas and customs houses) prevails as well as among Ukrainians (68% and 63% respectively). Integration into one state is supported by 9% of Ukrainians and 32% of Russians. There is direct dependence between desire to unite with Russia into a single state and age of respondents: among youth up to 30 years old 5% want this unification to be realized, among people of 30-54 years old – 11% support that, and among people older than 55 years – 17%.

It is obvious, that among supporters of joining the Custom Union, there is more people supporting unification with Russia (26,5%), than among those, oriented on joining the EU (1%). However, even among supporters of entering the Custom Union majority wants to preserve the status-quo in relations with Russia (69%). Among people, having negative attitude towards Maidan, only 21% wants to unite with Russia into a single state. Among supporters of political parties the highest percentage of people, who wants join Ukraine to join Russia, is among communists’ electorate (35,5%), but even in this case majority consider that Ukraine and Russia should be friendly independent states (63%). Among Party of Regions voters 28% support unification with Russia.

In Russia 16% of population support unification with Ukraine into one state.

Comment Re:polite - yet cutting and informative (Score 1) 1501

People who'll call you a fucking idiot People who'll call you a pusillanimous carbuncle with the intellectual capacity of a particularly forlorn used condom People who won't really tell you whether you've fucked up or not, but will often go away thinking you've failed, and acting upon it, without giving you the chance to learn from your mistake or even show you you made one, all under the guise of "politeness" or "professionalism"

Well, these three options are too limited. Another group would be people, who can *strongly* but politely get the point through without looking like a socially handicapped imbecile. And another group of people do not point out any flaws, but smack you in the face, give you a wedgie and rip your head off with a chainsaw without even telling you the reason.

Comment Re:a disgrace to humanity (Score 1) 199

A contest that is limited to only C/C++ and Java is a disgrace to humanity. No skillful CS student would go to such a thing. This is completely ridiculous. Either pen and paper, or allow languages that are not among the very worst languages of the planet.

These contests are writing about highly efficient programs performance and memory-wise and C/C++ are very adequate for such algorithm competitions. Any inefficient step performance or memory wise will be punished by failing tests and losing points. C/C++ has been one of the classical programming languages always used in algorithm contests. And what the fuck do you mean by "worst languages on the planet". You do not implement performance critical algorithms and data structures in Python or Ruby, this the correct job for C/C++ programming languages.

Comment The study is not really conclusive (Score 2) 209

Actually, this study does not say anything directly about code quality, because Density = Total Defects Found / Code Size. The problem is with the "Total Defects Found" part. How they are found and how they are reported may differ vastly from one project/company to other. The report sais that the quality of code increases with larger codebases in propertiary projects. In fact, the best you can say is that the metric decreases with larger codebases in propertiary projects. Maybe many of the defects have not been found yet in propertiary projects. Maybe they have less manpower to seek the errors, maybe they just don't care as long anything does not crash. But smaller defects may be in the code. Open source code is more open to "finding the defects", thus possibly obtaining worse "quality" they are talking about in the article. I think this has to be kept in mind when reading the report.

Comment reality vs belief (Score 2) 234

"... decided that it is not a security risk to show passwords on your screen in the latest Alpha release of Fedora 19 ..." Security risks is not something that can be "decided" by somebody. There are always risks and showing the password on plain text is certainly more risky than masking it. Or are there some really awesome benefits for showing them in plain. No. Because noone expects that, so both usability and security suffer.

Submission + - World Anti-Doping Agency growth hormone doping test ruled invalid by CAS (tas-cas.org)

brainscauseminds writes: "Andrus Veerpalu, an Estonian ski champion won the case in Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) against World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) that raised a three-year doping ban after detecting higher-than-allowed ratios of growth hormones (HGH) in A and B blood samples of the athlete.

The court ruled that the growth hormone test itself was valid, but the decision limits were computed from only a sample of less than 50 measurements, which was not sufficient to provide confidence level of 99.99% as claimed by WADA.

Secondly, but not noted by the court, was that the number of true positive samples in the study were practically unknown and prior to study the examples having "extreme" values were removed as outliers, which is normal, but not knowing wether they were actual negatives or positives can drastically skew the distribution as WADA had problems finding appropriate parametrized distributions that would describe the data properly. As a result, their verification study of the test was carried out using a different distribution, which noted by the court, did not confirm anything about the initial study.

The results of the case are also important to Finnish skiier Juha Lallukka, who has been test positive by WADA on same grounds as Veerpalu. Other notable organizations such as National Football League Players Association (NFPLA) have also argued that the test is not scientifically valid.

I think it is a perfect example, how statistics are misused in practice. I hope this is an important lesson to WADA as the seriousness of their accusations destroyed the career and reputation of Veerpalu and possibly several others."

Comment make sure that PhD is that you really want to do (Score 1) 228

Just saying that maybe you should reconsider alternative things you could also do. I'm not saying that PhD is a wrong decision, but its a painful one. Research is hard and getting stuff published in respectable places is even harder. Make sure you are ready to spend the best years of your life doing that.

Comment topper (Score 2) 232

That's nothing. I was once asked to design & implement a space shuttle software in 30 minutes, which I did while undercover in communist Russia stealing their top secret documents. I also had time to prove that N=NP, create a simple script that passed the Turing test and create a machine learning method, that can predict exact date and time when you die with 100% accuracy. Anyway, this free consulting thing is a joke from Dilbert, so I would suggest reading less comics :D

Comment i hate dirty fingerprints on my screen (Score 1) 526

I like my touchscreen phone, but I hate the fingerprints on it. As for my computer, I clean my laptop screen and external monitor once a week to get rid of all that dust and cr*p that gets on it. The idea of going with my sweaty fingers all over it gives me goosebumps. How would I dare to show anything to my boss or co-workers in my computer if the screen is full of s**t?
The Internet

Submission + - Report: America Ranks Behind Estonia In Internet 'Freedom'. (techcrunch.com)

brainscauseminds writes: The United States does not have the “freest” Internet in the world, according to the annual Freedom House transparency and access report, Freedom on the Net. Slow and gentrified broadband access and occasional government intrusion stunted the U.S. to the #2 spot, with the tiny Eastern European technological powerhouse, Estonia, taking the gold medal. With online voting, access to electronic medical records, and widespread broadband access, Estonia is the envy of the digital world.

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