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Submission + - SPAM: London Ambulance Service Upgrade Failure

brainiac ghost1991 writes: "The guardian reports that

The London Ambulance Service (LAS) has said that a computer crash on 8 June forced staff to revert to pen and paper to record calls from the public.

The new Command Point system from Northrop Grunman was due to replace the old CTAK dispatch system developed in house. Oddly enough, the last time the LAS upgraded their CAD system in 1992 a similar thing happened."
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Submission + - Do We Need Stricter Federal Cybersecurity Laws? (itworld.com)

jfruhlinger writes: "A whole host of companies have been making the case for laws mandating better security and prompt public acknowledgement when security is breached. Oh, sure, Sony, Gawker Media, Citigroup, and others probably oppose such legislation, but their spectacular security failures make the case better than any lobbying operation."

Submission + - SPAM: concord

An anonymous reader writes: Legion Baseball: Concord 6, South Rowan 5

CONCORD — Few, if anyone knows with certainty that this thing called the Bermuda Triangle really exist, but South Rowan's American Legion team can attest to the painful reality — at least for one night — a triangle Concord, because it was the victim. It was a brutal end to a disappointing result for South (2-7, 2-4). Desperate for signs of happiness, it has some of the first with a couple of gift runs in a four-run first inning, but it was wasted as aa trio circuits Concord erased the deficit and the offense countries South came into mode.With stop after two outs in the bottom of the ninth of a tie, a popup exorbitant disappeared from view at least two players fell south and between the three, so that the winning to mark for Concord, in a 6-5 decision Wednesday night at Central Cabarrus High School.

It 'was a cruel end to another disappointing loss for South (2-7, 2-4). Desperate for signs of good fortune, there are some gifts, some tracks to run first inning the first four, but it was wasted, because a trio of Concord homes to eliminate the deficit and the offense went south in a shutdown mode.

"We have been a lot of ball games and just keeps coming up short," South coach Michael Lowman said. 'It's always frustrating and I know (the players) are frustrated, but we just have to play better and find a way win.Concord' s AJ greeted reliever James Atwell South Dillon will start ninth. James was sacrificed to second and moved to third-groundout. Cleanup hitter Brandon Porter then sent the first type of high tone Atwell dark sky. It 'started as a bad area across the third base line, but drifted back to the field of play before landing on the left low, about 10 feet inside the line and between the left fielder Dylan Walker, shortstop and third baseman Jacob Hogan Gunnar Dietz. "It 's time, but as they say it is too late. Every game we are leaving an escape. "

The latter fled in the most unusual.

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Submission + - Business Is Booming -- for Cybercrooks, That Is (foxnews.com)

Velcroman1 writes: The latest get rich quick scheme to hit the net? Hacking — and it actually pays.

While the global economy continues to sputter, the burgeoning cybercrime industry is flourishing — so much that these vast criminal organizations have begun posting job listings online to meet the growing demand for malware coders.

Starting salaries range from $2,000 to as much as $5,000 a month for those willing to program illicit software or even provide customer support, cybersecurity expert Brian Krebs explained. "Business is booming," Krebs said.


Submission + - Can magnets prevent heart attacks? (sciencemag.org)

sciencehabit writes: Strokes and heart attacks, the leading causes of death in the industrialized world, are often linked to high blood viscosity. Thicker blood damages blood vessels, and in repairing the damage, the vessels build up fatty deposits, which make strokes and heart attacks more likely. Now, two physicists searching for a novel way to prevent heart attacks and strokes have discovered that strong magnetic fields can dramatically reduce the thickness, or viscosity, of blood flowing through a tube. The pair speculate that if this effect holds for blood in veins and arteries, scientists might someday develop a magnetic alternative to medicines designed to keep blood flowing in humans.

Comment Re:PC users liable for TV licence? (Score 1) 128

Nope, you do not need to disable it from being capable of recieving live broadcasts

You don't need a licence if you don't use any of these devices to watch or record television programmes as they're being shown on TV - for example, if you use your TV only to watch DVDs or play video games, or you only watch programmes on your computer after they have been shown on TV. If this is the case, please let us know, as this helps us to keep our database up to date and means you won't receive the standard letters we send to unlicensed addresses.

from the TVLicensing website. No mention of disabling it, and the law doesn't state it either. All you'd really need to do is to have your TV detuned.

Comment Re:PC users liable for TV licence? (Score 1) 128

You actually don't need to pay a license fee if you own a TV, as long as you don't use it to recieve live broadcasts (IE, you just use it for DVDs/Videos/Games Consoles). With the internet, you can use iPlayer as long as you don't use the live streams and it will be the same with this new protocol, unless new legislation is passed (which I doubt, especially not with the conservatives holding the most power at the moment)

Comment Re:I am an American living in the U.K. (Score 1) 568

I don't think you quite understand... 1) The lib dem MPs have a mandate from their constituents to try and impliment as many policies as they can, by forming a coalition they can do this. 2) The lib dems want PR. This means that they must show that a coalition can work and that they can compromise! If there's one thing I've learned in this election is that a LOT of lib dem members don't seem to understand that with PR compromise must happen on both sides. However, I think people are starting to get it. 3) We do need a stable government who is able to do things, a minority tory government would not have worked as well, as the LDs/Lab could have toppled it easily and a "coalition of the losers" would not have pleased the electorate much. At the end of the day,the lib dems had to make a choice and in my mind they made the correct one (democratically speaking), they aren't really wangling their way into power, if there had been a confidence and supply agreement the Lib Dems would basically just be backing tory policies, with this situation, the Lib Dems are actually getting some of their policies implimented!!!

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