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Operating Systems

Journal Journal: Flame Wars Rant

So it is, there is a tool for every job and a job for every tool. We've all seen this OS is better than that OS on this hardware or that, and we all get upset about it. And we know that the debate is unresolveable and infinitely opinionated. And we're all tired of it.

But here's the bitch: we all want variety and choices and the ability to do our own thing with out being bitched at for it. Well all of us except a few player that is. And they are Apple and Microsoft.

Don't get me wrong here, I love Apple, I hate Microsoft, but Apple with Microsoft's market share would be even less fun (though infinitely more usable).

So here's the deal there are really only two vague camps in the game right now: Microsoft and the Unixishes.

Microsoft is doing its damnedest to kill the Unixishes, and they even have a chance of pulling it off, they won't be able to but they try. Thus, we bash Microsoft and all that it does, usually rightfully so. And there I've said it: even if I want choice in software I can still bash one of those choices because they just plain don't play fair with the other choices.

Yes its contradictory, like; The only thing I can't tolerate is intolerance. But in the end it makes perfect sense.

Windows does suck, if not on its own merits than on the merits of its parent company's goals.

Indeed the sword of mine enemy is hated as much as mine enemy itself even if it a splendid tool.

Luckily Windows just plain sucks so it makes things easier

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