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Comment Re:We don't need a spec (Score 1) 225

'fast track' construction is fairly common practice. If you have the basic Structrual, MEP and Elevatoring layouts you can get started putting in the foundations and structure at the bottom working your way up you don't necessarily need to know what the exact curtain pattern will be on floor 50 to pour the foundation in the basement. Construction could take 5-10 years, the designers just have to stay ahead of it.

Comment Re:Get a tablet, use OSX (Score 2, Interesting) 823

Ink is great and completely under utilized gem in OS X, and I think you could maybe even get away with using it on the track pad without the wacom tablet if you're tight on space and don't want to seem like a total douche bringing a laptop and tablet to take note.. BUT thanks to the fact that you're using a mac, I think what might be more direct and faster even is to be able to type the darn thing? its not that hard to type your special characters: option-b is "" for sumation, option-v is "" for square root. a few parentheses latter and you have a quick enough way to write most things, pi is option-p is "" . hold down option for a while and mash the keyboard to find what you want, or you can launch the 'special characters/unicode' typing window and figure them out that way I might use optino-5 for infinity "" and option-a for alpha "å" you can probobly do a find-replace latter to fix any oddness in what you want to see vs. what you typed.

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