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Comment X-Ray Navigation (Score 1) 58

OK, I get the part about X-ray comms. What I don't get is the need to deploy an X-ray beacon for the satellites to navigate. After all, there are already natural sources that can be used. The technology for using these sources is credible enough that real money and real hardware is being developed for it.

Submission + - Radioactive Boy Scout Passes Away ( 2

braindrainbahrain writes: David Hahn, who achieved some notoriety as a teenage boy scout with his attempt to build a nuclear reactor in his garden shed, has passed away. His "reactor" ended when the EPA declared his backyard as a Superfund cleanup site due to hazardous levels of radiation. His story was captured in a Harper's magazine article, and later the book "The Radioactive Boy Scout" by Ken Silverstein. It was also a Slashdot topic at the time.

The cause of death was not given.

Comment Distant Oort Cloud? (Score 1) 154

Phsaw. Object 2014 FE72 in the TFA is stated as being at 3000 AU. The Oort cloud barely begins at 2000 AU and may go out as far as 50,000 or even 200,000 AU. Granted these figures are more conjecture than precise measurements, but if even approximate, the object 2014 FE72 barely grazes the innermost edge of the Oort cloud, much less qualify as a "distant" Oort could object.

Submission + - After Go, the next frontier in Artificail Intelligence is Starcraft (

braindrainbahrain writes: Having conquered checkers, chess, and more recently Go, artificial intelligence research now looks at the next frontier: the popular real-time strategy game of Starcraft. Deep Mind, the Google company that defeated the Go champoin, is now considering the game which would require the AI to deal with hidden information and player bluffing..

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