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Comment Re:The whole country is one US City population ... (Score 1) 218

No, it's easy .... when I'm providing a system to provide electricity for 120 million homes vs 2 million homes ...... the materials required, cost, labor, maintenance, in terms of economies of scale are very, very different ... In addition, more physical space doesn't make it easier, more space means more distance to haul the electricity across. It's like suggesting that laws regarding health coverage or laws regarding gun control that work somewhere like scotland could ever work in the US in the same way ...... you just can't compare any experiment that works in a single US city sized population with something that works across an entire country the size of ours that has more diversity than the whole of europe within it's borders.

Comment Living near sea level at an ocean is silly right? (Score 1) 520

I don't mean to be coy here but this is not a problem for anyone that does even the smallest amount of planning when they are searching for a place to live or work. This whole phenomenon is really only an issue for someone that chooses to live/work at or below sea level up against an ocean. Surely nobody is that stupid right? ;) Idiots build population centers in places like NYC, New Orleans, and the SF Bay area and then other stupid people decide that it's a good idea to live there despite the fact that just a large tidal surge could destroy their homes, businesses, livelihoods, etc ....

Comment Re:Any solution is going to be worse than the prob (Score 1) 173

And as for the "cost of adaptation" it isn't just a cost of adaptation it's a reversal of stupidity. You cannot "prevent" climate change and you cannot reverse it .... if you make a dent in what you consider man-made climate change you still have to contend with the planets natural tendency to change constantly. I don't know whether or not that you realize this but without humans and our industry mucking about the sea level has risen and fallen significantly over time several times ... which is a significant indication that this will continue to happen going forward basically as long as this planet exists whether we do something or we do nothing ...... so the adaptation is a requirement for the survival of the species ...... not just to deal with the activity of man.

Comment Any solution is going to be worse than the problem (Score 1) 173

We need to stop looking to to fix something and work on the obvious ... clean our environment up as much as possible, stop dumping chemicals, etc, into it wherever possible but any kind of plan to reverse it is futile. The climate will continue to change indefinitely so beyond trying to do less damage our focus should be on adapting to a changing climate. This planet is a living ever changing thing and if the way that we are living is going to be irreparably damaged by a few inches or even a few feet of ocean rise than as a people we are never going to survive. Stop being stupid, stop planting major population centers at or below sea level on a coastline and near somewhere with potential for hurricanes, year after year, etc .... If you know there is an active fault line, maybe don't build there? The bulk of tornado's generally follow a semi-consistent path ... maybe lets not build our businesses or houses there and while we're at it maybe avoid active volcanos as much as possible as well? The real problem with climate change has absolutely nothing to do with the climate ... it has to do with the stupidity of the people that choose to live in low-lying areas up against bodies of water as big as a continent. The reality of "global warming" is this. It renders more land, more habitable, it increases growing seasons and makes it so that we can feed more people .... No, I don't work for an oil company, yes, I do think that in general we should work to prevent pollution and keep our world clean, but I think large over-reaching measures to "fix" climate change are going to result in more damage to this planet and also have huge socio-economic impact on a huge number of people trying to live here as well.

Comment And with it plumes of coal smoke over the country. (Score 1) 904

It makes me laugh that no one bothers to look past their facade of green. From the chemicals in the batteries to what it takes to manufacture them to the short life between charges to the fact that 99% of the "Zero Emission Vehicles" in this country are powered by shovel loads of burning coal most people don't want to understand that they haven't even begin to get off of fossil fuels yet.

Comment VPN Services make this quaint and outmoded. (Score 1) 267

With the huge number of VPN services out there running on common https ports these days your employees are going to go anywhere they want anyway unless you're strictly controlling their actual desktop machines and the software that they can install and run (and even then they have local access so if they're smart they'll figure it out) so while I definitely think it's ridiculous to allow the users to access the firewall directly it's also important to remember that your rules are quaint and outmoded in real life.

Comment Most electric cars are powered by burning coal ... (Score 1) 280

Exactly how will switching over to electric power lower the # of BTUs required when what we're talking about here is switching over to a less efficient medium of energy transfer IE Continually shoving coal into a furnace to create heat that spins a turbine that produces electricity vs a single gallon of gas creating an explosion that could take you 50+ miles depending on the efficiency of your vehicle.

Comment Absolutely worthless .. and overpriced (Score 1) 698

We really need 100k of tech to tell that someone is inside a school building shooting? Really? This is just stupid. Also, this system was designed for use in the field and relies largely on many channels of audio from different sources to converge and tell where a shooter is at a distance. The application here is way, way more simplistic. All they need is a sensor with microphone in each large open area with a trigger to alert for it's sector alone not a massive, complicated computer driven system meant to triangulate point of origin for a bullet moving through though the air. You could build something like this easily with one raspberry pi or old sun microsystems sunspot per open area with a microphone attached to it and one central server.

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