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Comment Re:What languages? (Score 1) 1359

I grew up in the Prairies as well... definitely know about the extremes. The weather is generally shit year-round as you say - I was talking strictly about sunshine. SAD never seemed to be much of a problem there for people... even on winter days where it was -30C or lower, it was usually brilliantly sunny out.

Comment Re:What languages? (Score 0) 1359

You know what I meant, don't be deliberately obtuse. Edmonton has a million people... most people would agree that that's a "city". The only place further north that comes close to being a major city would be Anchorage at 350k, but that's obviously much further north and off the beaten path, as it were.

Of course, there's tons of cities further north if you stick to the general Canadian definition of > 10k people (varies by province). Most of the world wouldn't agree.

Comment Re:What languages? (Score -1, Troll) 1359

If the submitter has been living in the UK for any length of time, I don't think SAD is a problem.

And as far as Canada goes... might want to recheck your globe.

Edmonton, Alberta would be the northernmost city in North America, and it's at the same latitude as Liverpool. So that right there tells you that most of Canada gets at least as much sunlight as the UK. The Canadian Prairies (Alberta/Saskatchewan/Manitoba) get more sunny days than California, even (Los Angeles = 186 days/year, Calgary 333 days/year).

Comment Re:wonderful.. (Score 1) 859

So picture this not uncommon scenario: you speed up over the limit to pass, for some reason or another you need to pass more than one vehicle, and you go to re-enter your original lane just before oncoming traffic reaches you. No biggie.

Now imagine what would happen if the engine suddenly decided to decelerate before you could re-enter your lane, and you're stuck travelling parallel to the vehicle next to you with oncoming traffic coming up fast and...

Well, that's the end of that politician's pet experiment.

Comment Re:Um, what? (Score 1) 492

If it sounds good then who cares? I know from a talent perspective that they're shit, and they recycle songs, but I still find myself humming the lyrics way after I'm done listening. At least a few of their songs are catchy - just listen to what you enjoy, and don't analyze the shit out of it.

Comment Re:Civil America extinct (Score 1) 675

I must disagree with you. We're not "deliberately destroying" our environment, we are producing the resources we have available to us, in as environmentally conscious a way as we can. I have worked in the oilsands in northern Alberta, and even the largest surface mining projects up there are only a couple of square kilometres in size.

The company that I worked for is very aware of the impact surface mining has on the environment, and has worked hard at improving other techniques such as Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) that have a much smaller impact on the environment (not much more than conventional oil production), and SAGD has been found to have an even higher efficiency throughout most of the oilsands, and I believe it will be one of the most used technologies going forward.

Any way you look at it, resource production of any kind will damage the environment. The point is how government regulations and companies deal with it, and I think Alberta and the oil companies involved are doing at least an acceptable job of managing those responsibilities.

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