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Comment Re:May spur automation (Score 1) 940

You could say the same thing about hundreds of businesses in major cities, like NYC, where there almost always lower priced substitute options than higher priced, manual labor intensive options, but due to convenience and marketing they are very profitable. So you are totally neglecting convenience, which is pretty much what fast food operates upon.

Also you neglect that for convenience & marketing reasons people will pay can and will more for the same product & many times lower quality products as well. A perfect example of this would be how much more (as a percentage of their salaries and many times outright) poor people pay for food & transit in urban areas because that is what is offered to them. So while there will be a highly group of tight wads that scour the entire metro area for cheaper options, something like a minimum wage raise is not going to stop people from buying local junk food.

The second part of what you said is just on anecdotal fluff. Living wage tests in Canada have shown that paying people a basic wage doesn't lead to growth stagnation in adults. So the idea that all adults are going to give up on school or academics and flip burgers is just scare tactics as well.

Comment Re:May spur automation (Score 1) 940

This is pretty much what I would say as well. Employers threatening the end of the world is mostly propaganda. And then they also threaten automation in this case which is usually something that requires large amounts of investment and time to get correct.

So automation is not just something that you up and do on a reactionary basis. So I call this as bullshit.

Comment Re:Days of anti-aircraft missiles numbered (Score 1) 113

You would be surprised how rare it is to actually see that guy around. Certainly MUCH more rare than someone you love getting cancer or having a heart attack. So why not put the funds against the things we all will face, instead of the one in a billion chance someone gets hurt in a terrorist attack?

Comment Re:Days of anti-aircraft missiles numbered (Score 1) 113

I didn't really mention Medicare you brought that up, without me mentioning me at all. So what is YOUR point?

I will say the "military budget" doesn't even begin to explain the trillions we have spent on wars. How do you explain how we wasted 2 trillion dollars in Iraq?

Comment Re:Days of anti-aircraft missiles numbered (Score 1) 113

Honestly I am starting to agree with this line of thinking. Take the same insane amounts of money we spend on warfare and put it into repairing our bodies, fighting diseases, making people smarter and life easier, cheaper & abundant power, clean water for everyone, and more realistic fake jiggly boobs. :-) Spend the money we do destroying each other to make the planet inhabitable by all WITHOUT fighting wars over limited resources. Make the pie bigger, not fighting over a smaller piece.

Bet you didn't see that coming did you.

Comment Re:Days of anti-aircraft missiles numbered (Score 1) 113

Also, my other thought on this topic is, air superiority and air to ground attacks are all good, but that's only half of the picture, you still have to have some sort of ground capabilities to take and hold ground. When will that go robotic?

Probably inevitable at this point. Killer robots seem to be the future.

It's obviously a lot further into the future. One envisions, rather than raining bombs down on a city, one rains down small (as small as you can) armed "rovers" with rapid reaction times to gunfire (issuing counterfire / seeking cover) and constant close communications with air support and reinforcements. So if someone does attack or take one out, they're quickly swarmed by reinforcements. And obviously if the rovers visually identify weapons they can engage targets - under human control if unjammed, autonomously if jammed. Most of the time you'd want them sitting still and conserving power (they'd either need to be able to access refueling drops on their own, be passively powered, or self-destruct when their energy supplies run out), but you'd ideally want a platform mobile enough that it could move between areas, through buildings, etc if needed, and ideally at a good speed. In civilian areas you'd want them to be very obvious and actively warn people away from them in their local language.

All good ideas. Would be very frightening to be on the ground during that though. Just personally kind of a nightmare of mine.

Counter-tactics to such weapons would obviously be tactics that keep as far away from it as possible (so that you're not at the site when reinforcements arrive) and offer no reasonable reaction time to the attack, such as IEDs. Counters to that, in turn, are more eyes looking for suspicious activity and better sensors.

Yeah it would be a really interesting thing to have a robot that figures out peoples motives. Be very useful in close combat I guess.

Comment Re:Days of anti-aircraft missiles numbered (Score 3, Insightful) 113

Indeed. Release a drone from altitude and you don't technically even need to give it active propulsion, just active flight surfaces to control its glide. That said, with a glider or weak-powered craft, you are going to be fairly subject to winds. Then again, that only matters for some types of applications - it would be a problem for using them to conduct a ground attack or surveilance, but if you're using the drones as sort of a smart aerial "screen" against incoming missiles, maybe not.

Well the Tacit Rainbow project used very small jet engines I believe. I think that was sort of a big problem with that project in the 80s, the actual loiter time was much less than what was advertised so they did. But now drones loiter for 14 hours fully loaded, so I think the game has changed.

Comment Re:Days of anti-aircraft missiles numbered (Score 1) 113

So hack into their networks and tell their missiles to shoot down their own planes. They would probably have some kind of human in the loop system to try and defeat that. So you launch an initial wave of decoy drones that look the same as the attack drones but cost a fraction. Then you watch their networks to find their command and control. You take out the command and control and hack into their networks and either cause the missiles to fire at their own aircraft or just fire without a target at all and they quickly run out of ammo.

Comment Days of anti-aircraft missiles numbered (Score 1) 113

This seems like a good idea to counter the advancements in Russian anti-aircraft missiles. Seeing as how they have come quite a long way it would make sense to use drone swarms to make their life a nightmare. I think the USAF was trying to do the same thing with the tacit rainbow project. Where B-52s would release large numbers of drone like anti-radar missiles that would loiter over the battlefield near suspected anti-aircraft units.

The minute they turn on their radars, BAM, they would have large numbers of drones just seconds away from their unlucky ass. This would turn the job into having to counter the incoming swarm of drones AND then firing missiles at the manned fighters, making a unit that wants to stay mobile pretty much useless because it wouldn't be able to counter the number of targets with a portable amount of missiles (ammo).

Comment Re:Wouldn't this lead to Natural Selection? (Score 3, Insightful) 171

1. Often leads to mixed up styles and programs that are spottily documented.
2. Tons of example code does little to no error checking.
3. Plus many times when I clean up from example code programmers they haven't really stepped through the new code very well. They get in a hurry meeting the insane deadlines they feed to business and fuck up.
4. Do you really understand something if you cheat on it? How do you really know what you know and don't know if you can't do it yourself (this a serious fucking problem, very few people can truly estimate what they do and do not know) ? That is like saying, why do all of the homework that has been solved before.
5. Leads to the "Then why not use libraries for everything" kind of mentality that we have at my work.

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