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Comment Hot, liquid fluorine is too corrosive (Score 4, Informative) 258

Molten salt has a lot of advantages as a working fluid over water, unfortunately the major big disadvantage outweighs all the positives.

Viz. the conditions inside these reactors would be absurdly corrosive. F salts are chemically aggressive, and that aggressive increases with temperature. That is compounded by the fact that the reactor materials will also be bombarded with significant neutron fluxes, and by the presence of all dissolved decay products in the working fluid.

We simply don't have materials that can stand up for any length of time to that kind of abuse.

Comment Re:WTF? (Score 1) 370

You see these articles over and over again, because the non-profit industrial complex doesn't like the Gates Foundation. They resent the fact that the foundation doesn't pay sufficient obeisance to complex's people, myths and way of operating. They especially hate that the Gates Foundation doesn't have to fund-raise which most people in that sector simultaneously think is beneath them and spend most of their time doing.

Comment Re:A language that compiles to JS (Score 1) 575

GWT is great, but unfortunately the team at google has a) been decimated in favor of dart and b) in any event has/had a really short attention span.*

The project is nominally open source but AFAIK all the committers are The eclipse development mode is increasingly buggy as attention is diverted to the new source map method of debugging they are cooking up. Plugins for Firefox come out just in time for the next release.

As much as I love the concept and much of the implementation, I don't know that I wan't to risk devoting to much more resume space to a technology that may be a dead end.

*Seriously - read the release notes for the dot releases since 1.6. Every version there is a completely new preferred way of doing things. Bugs filed against anything but the latest and greatest paradigm languish forever.

Comment Re:10% Ethanol (Score 1) 556

Turbocharger are rightly unpopular because of turbo-lag. If I step on the gas I want to accelerate now, not five seconds from now.

Also they are exposed to harsh conditions and so tend to break before other parts.

Comment New MLK website (Score 1) 366

This post is timely, but omits the information that makes it timely.

The King Center just announced a few days ago that it plans on launching a website with comprehensive digital access to the written and audio-visual archival materials it controls.

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