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Comment Performance, cause Email needs the 3Ds (Score 1) 205

How many average people use applications that need high performance? Twitter is the top end of performance with realtime data applications for most people I know, games usage does not occupy enough people/time to be near the amount of time that people spend doing email, twitter, travel booking, coupon hunting, review finding, etc. Who the hell needs C level performance on most daily needs?

Comment Re:Real developers don't do web development (Score 1) 275

I have never seen a C++ programmer without a degree either, C++ must be pretty awesome to require a degree! You heard it on the internet, so it must be true. On a more serious note: colleges that still state that the web is not where programmers go are wrong. How many problems involve networking, and how much better is the tooling for using existing robust (HTTP) apps vs proprietary binary protocols? Also, how easy is it to add a GUI that consumes that API via a browser vs. QT, SDL, wxWidgets?

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