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Comment Re:Mafia (Score 1) 554

Don't take a job based on shares. Just assume they're going to make them worthless in the long run. Yeah, it makes it harder to join a startup early on, but it's the funded startups you want to work for, anyway.

exactly! at my first startup we referred to them as "lottery tickets" and just assumed they'd be worthless. if the salary they offer you isn't sufficient, then the worthless pieces of paper don't help things along...

Comment Re:I'm making money (Score 1) 542

How? By writing apps for all those people that think they're going to get rich from App Store.

It has always been this way. Sun, SGI, MEC, NetApp... They all made a killing in the mid-90s by selling to fledgling internet firms that had no hope of ever making money, but had VC money to spend on their way to failure.

Comment Re:Let me get this straight... (Score 1) 359

I have this vivid memory from the first week of Radical Political Economy at university... The professor was explaining the Laffer Curve, sketching in the usual smooth curve from 0/0 to 0/100. He then proceeded to say that, of course, the curve doesn't look like _this_... It looks more like...... and then draws an overlapping rats-nest beginning at 0/0 and ending at 0/100. Brilliant!

Submission + - SPAM: Shapeways PhotoShaper

jcb3780 writes: "I'm no expert in any sort of art, let alone that of light sculptures. I've seen enough of them to know that my design skills aren't competent to create one good enough that I'd want to display it in my house. But today there's good news for those of us who've read about 3D printing and wanted to create something but need help in the design department. Shapeways, a 3D printing company I wrote about back in August, is introducing a new service called Photoshaper_2 Photoshaper, which lets you create a light sculpture from nothing more than a digital photograph. The process is about as simple as it could be--all you have to do is download a Java application, then follow a few short steps to create a design based on whatever photograph you want. You save the design to the Shapeways website, place your order (between $40 and $50, including shipping), and you're done. The software will automatically create the design based on the contrast in your photo. You can add whatever text (in a variety of fonts) you want to the sculpture, which will appear on the back. I'm trying the service out for myself, so when the finished product arrives I'll review it. At the moment, all I have to go on is the (non-embeddable) video from the website, which certainly makes the effect of the generated light sculpture look really interesting, and unique in my experience. It looks like it could be a really creative way to display a favorite photo, be it a digitized version of an antique picture of family long gone or a snapshot you just took last week of your own kids. I haven't seen anything quite like it, and I'm anxious to see what it looks like in person."
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Firefox Faster In Wine Than Native 493

An anonymous reader writes "Tuxradar did some benchmarks comparing Firefox's Windows and Linux JavaScript performance. 'We did some simple JavaScript benchmarks of Firefox 3.0 using Windows and Linux to see how it performed across the platforms — and the results are pretty bleak for Linux.' Later on, they tried Wine. 'The end result: Firefox from Mozilla or from Fedora has almost nil speed difference, and Firefox running on Wine is faster than native Firefox.'"

New Google Favicon Deja Vu All Over Again? 227

theodp writes "Last June, Google rolled out a new favicon, the small branding icon that graces your URL bar when you visit Google. Which, as it turned out, bore a striking similarity to Garth Brooks' Circle-G logo. Well, Google went back to the drawing board and has come back with a new favicon, which it says was inspired by — not copied from, mind you — its users' submitted ideas. Some are also seeing inspiration elsewhere for the new favicon, which consists of white 'g' on a background of four color swatches. Take the AVG antivirus icon, for instance. Or everybody's favorite memory toy, Simon. Or — in perhaps the unkindest cut of all — the four-color Microsoft Windows logo, shown here with a superimposed white '7'. Anything else come to mind?" What comes to mind for me is just how obsessed many people are with the Google favicon.

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