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Comment I still miss PM/WPS (Score 1) 208

The Presentation Manager and the Workplace Shell. Is there any OS of any distro where one can grab a document object, drop it on a printer object, and have it just print? I loved that about OS/2.

Windows might be able to do that nowadays -- I wouldn't know, my MS workstation at work sits mostly idle, as I'm allowed to use by Ubuntu laptop for everything I see fit (benefit of being #2 IT guy in the company).

Comment Getting the Girl (Score 2) 268

Hey Richard Feynman --- yeah I hear you laughing, we've been snookered again. It doesn't sound like a downer at all. If we're capable of perceiving that some of these things aren't just 'are' ... they are 'are' yet they are also 'oriented' ... that means we have been given a Signpost to follow ... and we must follow it.

Never mind that time travel blather. All fixation on 'practical time travel' in physics is a rollover from science fiction, in which it exists solely for humans to go back in time to fix::notmake their stupid mistakes and get the girl, this time. It's all about getting the girl. Modern girls don't want to be part of your strange loops, they prefer to get 'got' the first time around by guys who have just figured out the best way to get ''em.

Let's move on to the real question: what does this upset to physics imply, if anything,to the possibility of stable fusion containment...? Help, hinder, harness? That's the girl we want to get.

Finding asymmetric nuclei is like discovering that you can put batteries in a toy you got for Christmas. And it's July. So put 'em in and let's see what this thing really does.

Comment Re:Seems familiar (Score 1) 121

I think you may have missed the point (and, I don't think his point was clearly made). The thing about "all those shark attacks" that took place 5-10 years ago one Summer? Not statistically significant, in terms of the annual average. There really weren't *more* shark attacks that year, just more got reported. People don't realize that, then they freak out, stay at home, and die from carbon monoxide poisoning or raining frogs.

Comment A little side note to the geniuses at MIT (Score 3, Funny) 192

Miniature surveillance aircraft would never need to return to base if they could cling to overhead power lines to recharge their batteries. Now engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are close to perfecting the trick – taking inspiration from birds.

Uh, the birds aren't recharging.


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