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Comment Re:It's simple -- make the battery swappable (Score 1) 99

My Galaxy S5 is the last Samsung Galaxy with a removable battery. A spare battery that lets me keep a second one charged requires little space change on the phone and allows longer use without portable external battery packs. I've got a charger on the wall at home and a second battery charged when I'm going to go out on the road and need a long amount of phone battery use. Swap the battery when I get down to under 20 percent. Cost of the pair of items was around $16.00.

The phone maker can sell the optional add-ons and batteries can be replaced when they go bad without a professional phone repair outfit having special case cracking tools 8-)

I've had phones that had batteries go bad and swell and get hot. Swap battery and phone is good for a couple of more years.
Why no removable batteries -- they want to limit the lifespan of the phone...

The only thing I don't have on the S5 that's on newer phones was wireless charging which could have been built in.

Comment I'd rather they come clean about Wall St. speeches (Score 1) 287

Aren't there more important things that are not being exposed. How about speeches to Wall St. and Clinton Foundation donations. Also, what about the running of the private email server. Let's get a priority here as to stuff that gets classified over political whims and stuff that they sweep under the rug with disinformation.

I'm a political moderate seeing both sides delivering more bull to the press to avoid discussing real hard issues and choices.

Comment 28 years and still going (Score 1) 162

Been doing sysadmin on Unix since minicomputers. Started as a Field Engineer on PDP11's and VAXes... Taught sysadmin for a while. Still can't figure out why but I seem to like beating computers into submission. Did SysV, BSD, SunOS, Solaris,Pyramid's OS/x and DC/OSx, HP-UX, AIX, FreeBSD, Linux... Don't know why people think they're different things...

I used to do Sysadmin training for a mini-vendor for a while.

Pretty easy to transition from one to another back when companies were willing to train... The first exposure to AIX 3.23 was surprising, though.

Submission + - Microsoft Downloading Windows 10 to you whether you want it or not. (

bpechter writes: The Register is reporting that Microsoft is downloading Windows 10 to your Windows desktop whether you want it or not. Sounds like a disk killer on older smaller boxes. So far, in my checks, seems that Windows Enterprise boxes don't seem to get the download. One small plus for IT desktop lockdown 8-)

Comment Re:Goes along with the VMS announcement (Score 1) 243

Damned shame that they killed Alpha and with that move doomed VMS. The Itanium port didn't help expand the VMS base, since there wasn't enough support to VARs to keep the support for VMS in applications. There are only two viable OS choices now.
Windows and Linux/Unix. (And the Unix part is weakening over time due to costs vs. Linix).

Comment Re:Translation: Groklaw has been gagged (Score 1) 986

It may have been the kind of things like an NSA letter -- it also needs to be said that she is very serious and zealous about maintaining her privacy. Remember the SCO suit seemed to even have private investigators looking to find PJ.

This may not be about secret magic security letters -- but again... how do we ever know. 8-(

Comment Re:wtf groklaw (Score 1) 986

We need a Groklaw NOW to keep a light on the legal maneuvers that are impacting the digital ecosphere.

I wouldn't have minded if PJ shut down Groklaw after SCO -- but the coverage of the patent suits and other
recent reports on the IBM suit have proven we need to have someone covering this. The mainstream media (not a political issue -- but a fact that they are not tech aware enough to cover this) can't do the job on these stories.

I was a reporter once and moved to Hardware and then Sysadmin. There are technical things that the journalism school crowd can't cover. PJ's legal background made Groklaw a major resource.

We do need Groklaw now more than ever.

Comment What we really need is an investigative reporter (Score 2) 50

I'd love to see a good investigative reporter pick up and run with the story. I'm afraid, though, that the folks who "know where the bodies are buried" won't talk.
Perhaps if someone went at the story like they did in All The Presidents Men and just follow the money.

Amazing to see a decent company ruined by it's own management.
I liked Caldera and owned OldSCO stock before they made this ridiculous lawsuit happen. I got out before they killed the company.

Comment Come on -- is anyone surprized here (Score 3, Insightful) 226

How could anyone find it surprising that a corporation is promoting use of it's own products. Please. Actually, Microsoft's got a couple of good products that I've used and been happy with. One's Microsoft Lync which we use at work to do messaging, desktop sharing etc. I just wished there was a linux client for the thing. It would make my life much better.

I'm Linux/Unix guy for a living but I do admit Microsoft makes some reasonable products. I wish the corporate lock-in was not as bad as it is and I wish they published docs documenting all their file formats for interoperability. They have made some strides in the last couple of years.

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