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Google Admits to Using Sohu Database 209

prostoalex writes "A few days ago a Chinese company,, alleged Google improperly tapped its database for its Pinyin IME product, stirring controversy on whether two databases were similar just due to normal research process. Today Google admitted that its new product for Chinese market 'was built leveraging some non-Google database resources.' 'The dictionaries used with both software from Google and Sohu shared several common mistakes, where Chinese characters were matched with the wrong Pinyin equivalents. In addition, both dictionaries listed the names of engineers who had developed Sohu's Sogou Pinyin IME.'"
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Physicist needs $20,000 for time-travel experiment

breem42 writes: "John Cramer at the University of Washington is apparently almost ready to set up an experiment that includes a tiny bit of time travel, but needs the aforementioned funds to finish. FTFA:

"It's a project that aims to do a conceptually simple bench-top test for evidence of something Albert Einstein called "spooky action at a distance." The test involves using a crystal to split a photon, a light particle, into two reduced-energy photons that — through careful manipulation — Cramer thinks could reveal a flash of time traveling backward."

On a side note, it may be a surprise to some, but the NASA agency that has funded this lab in the past, "NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts" or NIAC, is apparently being shutdown."

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