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Submission + - The Christian Message and Economic Prosperity (

bpc621 writes: "There is a paradigm of individualism that we, as Americans, tend to operate from. The Prosperity Gospel speaks to that individualism and encourages the focus on individual salvation and personal growth, the product of which is wealth and comfort. The Social Gospel seems to deny our tendency toward individualism and push us to consider the greater good in all things. Individual aspirations are not wrong, but when we create a culture where our own comfort and prosperity are primary to the healing and the needs of others, we forsake the message abound in the scriptures of being the least among us, placing ourselves last in order to be first, and seeking out the oppressed in order to lend a hand."
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Submission + - why blogs? (

bpc621 writes: " Have you noticed that the comment section of the blog is typically more about the commenter than about the post? Even when the comment is directly on topic, it tends to reveal more about the commenter than anything. I love that, and I wouldn't trade it for a print circulation any day. This is a new frontier, and it is creating a new voice and changing the way that people connect through media. When we write, we write to each other, and we, in turn, write to everyone. Blogs are small voices, but together the blogosphere is a chorus."

Submission + - the changing face of etiquette (

bpc621 writes: " As we, our culture, are catered to by technology and the marketing machine, we begin to feel more entitled to the things that we consume and the benefits of our service industry. The idea of serving others is lost on those who become complacent with being served themselves."

Submission + - my love of music (

bpc621 writes: " Listen to what you like, and like whatever strikes you as worthy. Life is too short to allow the rest of the world to influence our love for music in ways that do not speak to us. Some music sells, and it is typically not very good. But there is always the musician that is rewarded for his or her talent, and that should be worth at least a listen."
United States

Submission + - 5 gifts that can change the world (

bpc621 writes: " These options are powerful for changing the ways that people see the world, but even more powerful for changing the way that you experience the season. If everyone would give one small gift from one of these places, the tidal wave of hope that would ensue would cover the planet."

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