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Comment Re:CS != Coding (Score 2) 630

I concur. I am in my second year of obtaining my CS/Math degree w/ teaching cert. I get the same question, student: oooh, you can write programs. me: Nope, I don't like to program student: wait, then why are you getting a CS degree me: because I want to be more rounded around the science of computers and, and CIS or tech school is for coders student: you don't know what you are talking about. I get it at least once a week at the university (in the Engineering/Comp Sci building no less) I want to teach CS on a high school level, since jobs are scarce, and I cannot do it without a degree. This is more of a backup to working for DoD as my university has a NSA grant and certification. I learn pentesting and anything else I see that is relevant to Comp Security in my spare time (usually over the summer)

Comment Re:Time (Score 5, Insightful) 709

We kind of frown upon the slave labor that the Chinese and Irish (and others) that were used to build the railroad. If I remember my history correctly, the US government gave the train Barons the land and I think subsidizing them. There was very little population (aside from American Indians) out west. It will probably take 20 years to settle Eminent Domain cases and another 10 to build the rail lines. I worked on a survey crew to build an outer loop around a mid sized city. The first survey was done in 1984, I worked it in 1998 and they didn't start building until 2003. We did have a few fun run-ins with angry landowners and their shotguns.

Comment Re:An Alternative (Score 1) 580

Apparently the choir does need some preaching to. Last I checked herehttp://www.viruslist.com/en/viruslistfind?sear ch_mode=virus&words=linux there were a couple of viruses out there for linux and here http://www.icsalabs.com/html/communities/antivirus /macintosh/archives/macvirus/reference/viruses.htm l for Mac virus. This is not saying that one OS is better than another, just saying don't be so naive. I run both Linux boxes and Windows boxes, and I know, I have to be more careful about where I go with my M$ box.

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