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Comment And this is why HTML5 apps will make it big. (Score 1) 724

You avoid having to pay for different developper licenses and losing a cut of the costs. As browsers and javascript engines get better and developpers get smarter then we won't have to be tied into walled gardens. Then we will just have to work at getting pricing down for wireless plans.

Submission + - BSD Certification Group Expands to Testing Centers (

An anonymous reader writes: The BSD Certification Group, a US-based non-profit, structures and conducts two BSD-based Unix certifications. Since launching in 2005, hundreds of certification seekers have taken exams at a variety of BSD and open source conferences around the world.

Recently, the group greatly expanded the accessibility of the exams by partnering with Schroeder Measurement Technologies, which provides testing centers in over 300 cities around the globe.

So now, instead of impatiently waiting for the next local open source conference in your reach, certification seekers now can schedule an exam locally when ready.

The BSD Certification Group continues to provide a strong community-driven effort to create standards for systems administration in the BSD community and beyond. Both the BSD Associate and BSD Professional exams are developed around published subject matter expert guidelines and the oversight of a qualified psychometrician.


Submission + - Anonymous Leaks 10,000 E-mails from Iranian Govern (

jjp9999 writes: "Anonymous Operations has released a file containing more than 10,000 emails from the Iranian regime. The files consist primarily of visa applications, yet were intended to point out that the "Islamic regime keeps providing money to their cyber army while they can't secure their most important mail server,” according to Anonymous."

Submission + - Windows 8 Walk Through

adeelarshad82 writes: Microsoft gave everyone a long glimpse of Windows 8 at the D9 conference in Southern California and immediately followed that up with Windows 8 for Tablets (and PCs) at Computex 2011 in Taipei. The last two days mark the first time Microsoft is unveiling the Windows 8 interface to the public, and the new look is a radical departure from the Windows operating systems that precede it. Windows 8 will be able to scale from touch-friendly tablets to full-blown desktops. Amongst many new features, the new interface will also support gestures, snap, pin, cloud apps, new concepts like a basket for files you'll want to share between apps and services.

Submission + - Scientists make big computer circuit based on DNA (

CWmike writes: Caltech researchers say they have built the world's largest computational circuit based on DNA, using a technology that they said could easily scale to even greater complexity. Caltech researchers Erik Winfree and Lulu Qian published an account of their work in the June 3 issue of 'Science'. While simple DNA computational systems have been built before, this demonstration system is larger than other prototypes to date. 'The approach adopted by Qian and Winfree marks an important advance in DNA-based computations,' wrote John Reif, a professor of computer science at Duke University, in a commentary that accompanied the work. The researchers formed 130 different synthetic DNA strands that can be used to compose logic circuits. From this source material, they created one 74-molecule, four-bit circuit that can compute the square root of any number up to 15 and round down the resulting answer to the nearest integer. In their setup, the multi-layered strands of DNA are fashioned (see video) into biochemical logic gates that can perform the basic Boolean AND, OR and NOR operations executed by today's transistor-based computer processors. Like the silicon-based integrated circuits, these molecular logic gates produce binary, or on-or-off, output signals, using binary signals as inputs.

Submission + - BigQuake offshore Sendai. (

RockDoctor writes: Large magnitude quake almost directly offshore from Sendai, Japan. As is normal, initial estimates of magnitude vary slightly, 6.2-6.4 quoted so far. Parameters (at current estimate) : Magnitude mb 6.2 Region OFF EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN Date time 2011-06-03 00:05:01.0 UTC Location 37.37 N ; 143.99 E Depth 13 km

No word (at time of writing) of tsunami risk. In my (geologist but not seismologist) opinion, fair to high. But they'll be ashore by now already. I don't see anything on the telly at this time.

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