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Comment Need to be able to control the photo aswell. (Score 1) 72

Doesn't matter how good the graphics are.
If the controls are awful (most games I've played for some reason or other) then the game will just be back to annoying and frustrating.

I picked up an old copy of Riddick for the Xbox last weekend and found myself getting into it.
Well, that was until I had to use a ladder, or jump on a box, or try to get up on a step that is only knee high, but unable too.

The more photo-real the game is, the more fluid the controls need to be.

I'm off to make a cup of tea. -
Hold on - I can't grab the cup, closes cupboard, Reopens cupboard,
Takes 1 step back, "game reloads hall area." - oh no.
Turns around, re-enters kitchen area.
"Camera angle changes, flips how legs work."
Tries to walk forward; but steps back, "game reloads hall area." - Oh for fuck sake.
Pushes the off button on the universe.

I don't want this level of shitness in photo real games or in 5 poly per person games.

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