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Comment Re:Security theater a little (Score 1) 97

LDAP if interfacing with AD can get you user credentials for domain admins, server admins, server name objects, login history with IP ranges, etc. Simply a user login can get you email access to anyone in the company and I am sure no matter what company you work for, your CEO would not be happy with their emails getting leaked.

Comment Not with a reasonable doubt (Score 1) 246

Ya in theory you could translate the IP back to the area and the MAC possibly on their switch of the router to the customer device if they kept that detailed of records of what modems they sent out to each location however you still would not get past the problem that if 5 people are using a internet connection, you can't pin down which one actually did the downloading by IP address alone which in a normal legal system is not enough to convict. If it was a murder trial and you have your suspect down to 5 people, you wont get a conviction so it shouldn't be any different for electronic crime.

Comment marketing marketing marketing... (Score 1) 334

i agree that app stores do bring a new level of control and threaten the openness of devices however it does provide a larger distribution center for smaller developers. the ability to use another app store or source is a huge plus which is what android seems to have going for them. Cydia brought this to the iPhone but it will be nice to see the ability to turn on other app store abilities like you can on android.

Comment Hardware (Score 1) 127

Yes, you could run BSD in the OtherOS feature but the benefit to this method is that there is access to the direct hardware such as the GPU which wasn't available before. This is booting a true OS now instead of a OS inside the PlayStation OS.

Comment Security mostly (Score 1) 450

Anytime I have seen them, the user requirement for a computer such as a call center was minimal or a organization with very little IT staff so it helped with having one person to manage the clients and if one broke, swap it out quickly. The big plus of them is forcing what your users can access, knowing their work space is secure, and controlling what comes in and out of the organizations network since the workspace is in a container. Ya they are easy to mange and simple but with most of the SSL VPN devices out there now offering a similar controled desktop cache, the need for them is getting smaller and smaller.

Comment Oh my god shut up. (Score 1) 1135

I am so sick of these articles. The terrorist camps are using kids to carry explosives, weapons, etc. Just because a 3 year old is adorable and innocent in our western culture, to some terrorist groups its just a vehicle to transport a explosive device. Seriously, let anyone who complains about being searched all fly on their own airplane with the rest of the people who don't want to be violated and let the rest of us be the normal flights. I hate this mentality that flying on an airplane suddenly is in the bill of rights next to freedom of speech. Its a privilege and if you don't want to be searched and have the government violate your privacy then drive yourself or walk

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