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Comment Re:Makers and takers (Score 1) 676

If you make $50,000 a year you pay

$247.75 a year for Defense
$3.98 a year for FEMA
$22.88 a year for unemployment ins.
$36.82 a year for food stamps
$6.96 a year for welfare
$43.78 a year for civil an military retirement
$4000 for a year for corporate subsidies

Are you sure that you're pissed at the right people? sources

Comment Re:I live in Seattle. (Score 1) 650

He's not exaggerating, he's lying or is prone to typos. Nowhere in WI is sales tax 6.5% and there is no possible income at which the WI state income tax is almost triple the federal. I also live in WI. My house is valued at $115,000 and my property tax was $2600 last year. My federal income tax is over 2.5 times my states and I pay 5.5% in sales tax.

Comment Re:Seattle COL (Score 1) 866

"This is a perfect example of punishing people for working hard and taking personal responsibility."

And your post is an example of unexamined privilege. Why do you assume that the things you have are a result of mostly working hard and personal responsibilty rather than mostly an accident of birth? Or at least a combination of both? Or that those that don't have what you have are by implication not hard working and not responsible?

I don't understand why so many people who have so clearly benefited from our society have the attitude of "fuck you, I have mine" when they are expected to support that society that enabled their success. Why are you afraid of being considered well off when you are? Why is supporting society considered bad? Try not to be an example of someone who was born on base and assumes that they got a hit....

Very well stated! This is what it all boils down to. "Unexamined privilege" is exactly what this all boils down to. People who do better have more priveleges and opportunity than those who don't It's a fact. Mod parent up!!!!

Comment Re:Seattle COL (Score 1) 866

Right, because income tax is the only possible method that the government can use to obtain funds. There aren't any possible [] methods [] that would tax the rich more than the poor without making the rich feel unfairly taxed..

I call "bullshit". So, it ins't taxation that the pretender-tarians object to, it's income tax. Riiiight. No doubt we wouldn't have heard a peep from them if Washington State was proposing an additional 5% property tax on all property with an assessed value of over $200,000, 9% over $500,000, we wouldn't have heard a peep.

Comment Re:why coddle the privileged? (Score 1) 866

I understand from your comments below that you felt you were mistaken, but I find your comment here and the high rating very interesting.
I'm wondering what the driving force is for people who don't make $200K, indeed anywhere near it, that causes them to try to protect the people who make over $500K.
In short, there are lots of regular joes who want to pamper multi-millionaires.
I see this very often. I find it confusing when these regular joes aren't actually in the bracket they're trying to protect, and most likely (looking at the quantity of persons who are in the bracket v. quantity of supportive joes) won't even reach the bracket. And... the people who are in the privileged bracket are already taking very good care of themselves because of the power afforded them by their bracket. And... they're doing it at the expense of or at least in disregard of the people in the regular joes bracket.
Can one of you regular joes who wants to support multi-millionaires explain to me what motivates you? I doubt it's because you have a lord-loving serf attitude. Maybe you believe you will be uber-wealthy before long? Maybe you identify with the multi-millionaires, feeling like others are always getting you down and being a drag on you?

I suspect you already know the answer to this. It is because they desperately want to be the multi-millionaire and have bought they song and dance that with a little elbow grease and a positive outlook, they too will be a multi-millionaire just like their hero. It's a sort of preverse hero-worship, Stockholm syndrome thing.

Comment Re:Cry me a river, billionaires (Score 1) 866

Let's see who comes crashing down, the US with its libertarians or the EU with its Eurocrat Eurosocialists. Care to take any bets, fuckstick? The fun thing about watching Europe disintegrate over the coming decades under the weight of their ridiculous social services burden with their shrinking native population growth and influx of poor immigrants will be the riots. You take one penny of social services or outrageous work benefits from a European and he'll riot like a motherfucker at the drop of a hat.

LOL. What a joke. I'll take that wager, shitstain.

Comment Re:Cry me a river, billionaires (Score 0, Flamebait) 866

I can't believe that there are asshats like you that advocate income taxes on anyone, regardless of what they're earning. Penalizing people for their success in the market is how you retard growth, savings, and investment. If you want to have the right incentives in place, then tax what people spend, not what they earn.

LOL. The fatal flaw in your reasoning is that you mistakenly assume that the playing field is level and that whatever anyone has, they, by definition, deserve to have. It's an easy mistake to make. I am all in favor of a tax on consumption (state and federal sales taxes) rather than earning (income tax), as long as it's progressive. Most of you "pretendertarians" wouldn't be in favor of any such thing though.

Comment Re:Seattle COL (Score 2, Insightful) 866

I'm not finding it hard to make ends meet. No one said that or anything like that. I'm making two points. One, making $200,000 is not at all like having million dollar homes or yachts. Anyone can do this. There's no reason to punish people for being successful, responsible producers in this economy. Second, these people are the ones who are productive in this economy, they put their money to use in useful ways and many help create other jobs. They are not people whose throats ought to be slashed by the government simply because they can't control their spending habits.

Holy shit! How is a 5% income tax rate "punishing people for being successful"? You certainly do have a monstrous sense of entitlement. Astounding.

Comment Re:Cry me a river, billionaires (Score -1, Flamebait) 866

The real problem is that cunts like you think we live in a meritocracy where everyone has only what they deserve. If you benefit more from society then you give more back (even if it has to be coerced by force). I can't believe that there are fools actually arguing against an income tax on income above $200,000. Really, this country needs to take out the libertarian trash.

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