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Comment Re:Why not just 0? (Score 1) 996

When I was a kid in Florida, it was either 1.5 or 1.3. In the late 1900's, It was dropped to 1.0. Then the liberal do-gooders tackled "drunk driving" and we are trying to lower the limit even further. It's a crock in my opinion (and I don't even drink).

Dear god! I hope you meant 0.15, 0.13, and 0.1, unless people with alcohol poisoning were allowed to drive :p Maybe the liberal 'do-gooders' were on to something in this case.

Comment Re:Of course, it's only illegal if the house loses (Score 1) 144

In school, we had a vending machine with a glitch where if you put in a quarter then unplugged/plugged in the machine, it would power up with a dollar credit. The items in the machine all cost 75 cents, so a quarter would come back out. The students would keep this quarter on top of the machine for anyone to use (we called it the bitch quarter). It was cleaned out in a matter of days. It was refilled once, then they noticed that it was emptied again with no money in it so they removed the machine.

Submission + - With Pot Legal, Police Worry About Traffic Safety 13

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "AP reports that with Pot soon legal under state laws in Washington and Colorado, officials in both states are trying to figure out how to keep stoned drivers off the road as law enforcement officials wonder about whether the ability to buy or possess marijuana legally will bring about an increase of marijuana users on the roads. "We've had decades of studies and experience with alcohol," says Washington State Patrol spokesman Dan Coon. "Marijuana is new, so it's going to take some time to figure out how the courts and prosecutors are going to handle it. But the key is impairment: We will arrest drivers who drive impaired, whether it be drugs or alcohol." Marijuana can cause dizziness and slowed reaction time, and drivers are more likely to drift and swerve while they're high and Marijuana legalization activists agree people shouldn't smoke and drive. But setting a standard comparable to blood-alcohol limits has sparked intense disagreement because unlike portable breath tests for alcohol, there's no easily available way to determine whether someone is impaired from recent pot use. If scientists can't tell someone how much marijuana it will take for him or her to test over the threshold, how is the average pot user supposed to know? "A lot of effort has gone into the study of drugged driving and marijuana, because that is the most prevalent drug, but we are not nearly to the point where we are with alcohol," says Jeffrey P. Michael, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's impaired-driving director. "We don't know what level of marijuana impairs a driver.""

Comment Re:Word (Score 2) 586

"Everyone else but me is doing it wrong" should be the official /. motto.

I notice this is particularly true here on the topic on how to be a parent.

"You let your kid watch tv for 30 seconds unsupervised while you took a leak? What a terrible parent. I set my kids up on a OLPC to read various news sources and wikipedia within view of the bathroom so I can supervise them. I care about my children enough to raise them to be Educated, Well-Informed, Critical-Thinking (TM) adults. I feel sorry for your kids. I may give them a bigger tip when they pump my gas, but don't count on it."

Comment Re:That is cool, but... (Score 1) 194

Unlike Gmail, Yahoo doesn't warn you if somebody logs in to your webmail from an unusual ip, they also don't offer anything like a list of recent login ip.

You can do this in Yahoo mail under Account Info -> Recent Login Activity. It can show either location or the IP address, selectable by a dropdown box. I believe there is a little alert icon that lights up under notifications (the little bell icon on top right) if there is suspicious access. The notification describes the issue and tells you how to view the recent logins as well.

Comment Re:Lobbyists and Fascists Too (Score 1) 326

Or look at your average stoner...

I walked into a friend's place and there were a bunch of stoners sitting in a circle listening to Zeppelin and watching movies. That was one hell of a chaotic scene! I barely made it out alive!

I'll bet there wasn't a bag of Doritos left anywhere within a mile, either. Now that is rampant chaos!

Please don't make me relive that moment :'(

I've been in therapy for two years and I've only just recently been able to be near a Taco Bell without having a panic attack :(

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