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Submission + - PHP Freelancing : 30% Growth in 2014 (

An anonymous reader writes: PHP programming language is the most used in web application development freelancing jobs with over 67% in according to a report published by PHP Magazine Network. According to Nik Badminton, Regional Director, North America for "PHP projects went up from around 220K in 2013 to 280K in 2014" — That's a growth of 30% yearly !

The report also analyzed 2776 projects related to PHP on January 19th, 2015, valued at around $2 millions dollars. The top 10 "valuable skills" related to PHP freelancer projects are : HTML, Website Design, Graphic Design, Software architecture, MySQL, CSS, Wordpress, C# and C. Finally Wordpress is the top CMS having projects in freelancer network followed by Drupal and Joomla!.

Comment The first cell (Score 1) 1142

Even if evolution has many facts confirming it, the big problem is in the first cell. Last research papers state that the minimum genes to create a living cell is ~400. 400 genes is so much complex to be generated by luck or by mutation from nothing. How can you be so confident in atheism with such lack of evidence (others may chose to be agnostics or believers).

Submission + - Unveiling the technology behind Leapmotion (

boulabiar writes: "The leapmotion gadget has beaten the kinect accuracy and speed by 200x making it the most advanced device in gestural recognition among a big list of devices.
Once showed to public, many of the core NUI developers had doubts it was only fake. Being very interested in knowing the technology used, Mohamed Ikbel Boulabiar, a PhD student in Human-Computer Interaction in Telecom Bretagne, France, have written a blogpost guessing the technology based on many small details from videos and research papers. And proposing an hypothesis that it's the depth from defocus method being used in research since 1982 and started by Alex Pentland from MIT."

Comment Re:But what created the law of gravity? (Score 1) 1328

and why you are able to believe in the existence of gravity and not the one of God ? If you ask who created God, you've already broken a mathematical law. There are 2 different groups : Creatures, and Creator. If someone created God, then he's no more a creator. Define groups you work on then ask real questions. IMHO I find God easier and more logic to believe in, than believing in Probability or Gravity outside their scientific place. BTW, God can't be like human or other things, you still can't know how much dimensions the world has. If dimensions are more than the 3D+T (Maybe 11?) Then God has at least the same dimensions. (if time is a dimension, then God is 4D and he can modify the time, without having time take an effect on God) People believing in 3D gods or human-like gods need now to change their minds...

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