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Comment GPS in a dark room? (Score 2, Funny) 599

You awaken in a poorly lit room, with a closed door on each wall. By your side is a GPS device. You turn it on and ask for directions to go home. It tells you to head east and indicates the proper direction with an arrow. You turn in the direction of the arrow, which adjusts to match your new heading. You open it and enter another room. The door shuts behind you. It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue. The GPS continues to point you forward. What do you do?

Comment my thoughts (Score 4, Insightful) 186

To get ready for the release, I reread the series last month. Like most people who were fans of the series I had been disappointed with the slowing pace and complexity of the story in the later books. What I realized last month was that a lot of that slowness was because of the time between the releases of the books. As the series got longer and longer, I was less likely to reread the entire series before a new book came out. But reading it all at once definitely helps everything work much better. It's not that "nothing" happens in those later books, it's that so much smaller stuff happens, that it's nearly impossible to keep it all in your mind. After rereading the series, I was incredibly excited about TGS.

So I went out and bought it Tuesday after work. I finished it on Wednesday. Sanderson does a great job of channeling the early Jordan. I don't know how much of the text was directly written by Jordan, but in the book several storylines are moved forward and a few of them are actually resolved. (Yes! Really!) The book does primarily focus on Rand, over Mat and Perrin, which was a complaint about several of the later books, but I think anyone who had gotten tired of Rand's attitude and behavior will like how the book ends. Egwene and the split of the White Tower is the other primary storyline that is dealt with, and I think that part of the story is perhaps some of the best since the first 3-4 books. There is still a ridiculous amount of stuff going on that isn't explained (yet), but it all feels like it's building in a way that will resolve itself that will be very exciting to read. With Knife of Dreams, you could definitely tell that Jordan was trying to pick up speed with his story, which makes sense, as he had already been diagnosed with amyloidosis and was trying to get as much finished as he could. And that increasing pace definitely is continued in TGS. There are still points where it slows down, but it's mostly done in short scenes with the other characters, which gives the appearance of that same tension and plot speed.

And there are a couple of very, very big shockers. I definitely can't wait for the next two books.

Comment Re:The guys with Tin Foil Hats maybe? (Score 1) 324

a government contractor is still a private entity, not a department of the government and therefore, not responsible to FOIA

furthermore, the GP mentions the idea of the gov't holding copyright to an image, which would have let them issue a DMCA notice. however, all images/documents produced by members of the government as part of the duties of their job are part of the public domain (unless classified)

Comment Re:"would wipe out half to 2/3 of the continental (Score 1) 877

Considering the LoC is just about as far to the east of Yellowstone as you can get in the continental US, and if we're lucky about ash and fallout patterns, hopefully it would be none. In fact, if I hear that it has erupted, I will make maximum haste to reach the LoC to potentially increase my chances of survival.

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