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Submission + - Is Netflix slowing down or is AT&T throttling

bornclimber writes: I have a Sony BRAVIA XBR internet ready TV and AT&T High Speed 11.25 Mbps connection. While in the past I have been able to stream HD quality over the network to watch netflix, lately I have noticed that its impossible to get HD quality at night time. Speakeasy and other speed test websites tell me that my download speed is above 11 Mbps. Things return to normal in the morning and I can watch HD Netflix again. Are there any suggestions on how to test whether Netflix servers are slowing down or if AT&T is throttling my netflix connection because I refuse to get cable?
Is it possible that with Wii and PS3 now bringing Netflix directly to TV (which my Sony XBR has done for years by the way) Netflix servers cant keep up?

Comment Re:This is not a spacecraft (Score 1) 243

We have given plenty of limelight to launching phones etc and data collection post-landing. What we haven't discussed is using the high altitude balloon platform as an space systems design education tool... and downlinking data rather than just collecting it after landing... Check out these florida students... http://www.news-journalonline.com/news/florida/space/2010/04/14/experiment-off-the-ground-for-erau-students.html

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