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Comment Re:This just in (Score 1) 193

True, they didn't need to go through this exercise, but if they hadn't, neither of us would be talking about them... which isn't exactly in their interests when Princeton handed them a perfect opportunity to blow their own trumpet, whilst at the same time pointing out how silly the original study was.

Facebook are mocking Princeton using similar statistical techniques to come to a similar conclusion. Your point is right there in the summary.

Not sure which of those 5 words gave you the impression that I was taking your post "so seriously" either... If I'd had mod points I wouldn't have bothered to reply, I was just showing how redundant it was.

Comment Re:Hypocrites (Score 1) 162

Oh, I'm sorry, do you think the NCA, Mossad, Al-amn al-Watani, Ministry Of Intelligence and Security, State Security Department, etc., don't spy on their own citizens too?

I don't recall saying or implying that, but nice strawman, and nice attempt at deflection. Your original post is still just as silly though.

The NSA got caught.

Isn't that kind of the point? Or would you please fill me in on how best to quantify this sort of thing without any reliable evidence?

I don't think the NSA is the worst of the lot, not by a long shot.

Nobody cares what you (or I) think is true. Based on stacks of documents provided by our pal Ed, the NSA is the worst of the lot at the moment. At the very least they're tied for first place, but with far better funding than their colleagues put together. This may well change when more information is revealed, but lets not pretend we know things that we don't, k?

There's plenty of recent historical examples of shit other intelligence agencies have done that make what the NSA is doing today look rather germane

As irrelevant as it was last time you brought it up last time.

No country would put its intelligence agencies at a competitive disadvantage merely to satisfy the petty outrage of an internet pundit.

No true country, indeed.

Submission + - Chevron gets 9 years worth of activists' internet metadata

Halo1 writes: A US Federal judge has ruled that Microsoft must provide Chevron with IP usage records and identity information for email accounts owned by more than 100 environmental activists, journalists and attorneys. Chevron ask for this information in an attempt to prove that it fell victim to a conspiracy when it was convicted to pay $18 billion for dumping 18.5 billion gallons of oil waste in the Ecuadorean Amazon. Opponents, such as the EFF and ERI, criticise that this could allow Chevron to determine the countries, states, cities or even buildings where the account-holders were checking their email, so as to 'infer the movements of the users over the relevant period'.

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