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Comment Re:Email client (Outlook or Gmail) for searching (Score 1) 286

I don't press the send button, so my drafts folder is basically my notes folder(I also use gmail for notes). I have access to them from my cell ph, laptop, tablet, etc. and i can easily drag files onto the note so they're attached to the note. If I'm at a friends place & don't have my device w/me, I can get to all my notes from their pc.

I also use GoogleSheets when I need a little more power (formulas, cell formatting, etc.).

When i'm offline i use vi or notepad, depending what OS i'm on.

Submission + - Conference WiFi or cell ph tether?

borjonx writes: Is it any safer to use my smart phone's cell connection shared to my laptop, than to use the wifi that everyone else is using?

I'm going to a software conference soon w/6,000 people & there will be free WiFi provided by the vendor & my hotel. During these conferences I sometimes need to connect to my company network via Cisco VPN and then SSH into our servers. I hear horror stories about hotel & conference wifi "games".

Comment only one [] app... (Score 1) 260

I did that recently with the Apple iPad[2]. I didn't want to have to root or buy anything extra - what I had to do is prevent access to the home & power buttons (we bought mounting cases). I created a web page that was "full screen-able" then directed Safari there, made a shortcut button to it on the home screen & then disabled (restricted) all the apps. Also disabled the "ask to join wifi when one is avail". etc. etc. Now there is no way to exit the Safari app and you can't access the URL bar so you can only visit URL's that are clickable. This was for a digital signage system. All it does is visit my slackware servers, and the media I've loaded to them.... Let me know if there's anything I can do to help. Pat

Comment Re:The answer (Score 4, Interesting) 549

IMHO the best is the tablet with the physical keyboard. i.e. those nascent laptops where the lid (screen) can swivel 360 and fold back down so it looks like a thick tablet. That way you have a tablet when u want one, and a Real keyboard when u want to enter lots of text. Pat

Submission + - Do you keep SSH sessions active? Or reconnect. 1

borjonx writes: Is it safer to log out of an SSH session, and re-establish it later, or just keep the connection open? Like many of you, I use OpenSSH to connect to my slackware LiNUX boxes remotely from LiNUX & WinXP (putty.exe) clients. At home & at work, I wonder if it would be safer to just leave the connection open (my clients are physically secured, the servers limit connections with hosts.allow).

Is it more secure to re-establish the connection over an insecure link (big bad internet) where people can sniff that handshaking, or is it more secure to just remain connected? I connect 1 to 4 times per day, most all days.

Submission + - Cop Cloud? Really?

borjonx writes: I was amazed to read that the "Cop Cloud" was developed on the premise that Taser could keep the bad guys out of this cloud, and use the info as evidence. It just seems absurd in this day and age, when my inbox receives news every day of more break ins...

Break ins to companies who have far more resources than Taser, or it's partners.,289142,sid201_gci1374742,00.html

Am I missing something?

Comment Re: Reporting To Executives (Score 1) 301

> I am charged with providing more insight into the functioning of the system.
That's pretty generic. Do they have certain metrics they want to see in black & white?

> I'm looking for other important and useful information I can report up to better illustrate my efforts
Then that's your answer. You just need to find out what is important & useful to them.

> I also simultaneously perform all IT related tasks in the office, which may also be important to report
Whatever you send them, be sure to word it in terms of business value. As far as providing insight - you may want to create overview docs of most ALL of the processes/systems you manage; your job will be that much more secure if the non-tech folks are truly aware of how much you do around the office. As the only IT person, you provide biz value that no other in-house employee can, AND you save them money. Show them how by providing high-level workflow diagrams of these processes.

Heck, you may even get a raise if you word it right. ; >

Comment Re:Good exercise? (Score 1) 439

> Just because its more distracting doesn't mean its bad for you

True, but it's also important to remember that some of the brightest minds of our time had "ah ha!" moments while "getting away from it all".

Nikola Tesla sketched out a rough design for his rotating magnetic field device, and J.Robert Oppenheimer often preffered walks in nature to let his mind roam free. Albert Einstein was a well known fan of getting away from it all (the answers are right there - in nature).

Wether are not you're comfortable with city life isn't what the article was about.

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