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Comment Re:4th Edition? (Score 1) 169

Ration rules were just an example. 4th Ed is streamlined in such a way that we're actually playing the game more than we are looking up rules. It's not about having to read, I've read it. It's about being tied up in details everytime something remotely unordinary props up.

Sure, 4th ed has its faults, but at least its a lot easier for new guys like my group to pick up and, you know, play.

Comment Re:4th Edition? (Score 2, Insightful) 169

On the other hand, 3rd ed was about "How much jerky did you bring when you went on this hike?", "Well, that's not enough jerky".

4th Ed is the first one I can play with my friends where we spend more time playing than looking in damn books. Also, if you don't like Eladrin (basically High Elves) or Dragonborn, don't play them.

Comment Re:Sarth Efrica (Score 1) 489

In the end, all that matters is goals. In some competitions, "goal saldo", or the total amount of goals scored by a team during the entire season, compared to the number of goals against that team, does count for purposes of tie breaking in ladder rankings. For example, you get points for a win, a tie and a lose. It is possible for two teams to gain an equal amount of points. The team that then has the best ratio of goals for/goals against is ranked higher.

Yellow and red cards do sometimes carry over to further games, sanction wise. A player that got a red card during a match cannot participate in the next match. In Ghana vs. Uruguay, an Uruguan got a red card and he cannot play the next match versus the Netherlands (which I like, since he's pretty good and I'm Dutch).

During a match, stuff like ball ownership, penalties, corners and shots-at-goal are tracked but this is more for amusement value than for rankings.

So, you're not really missing anything.

Comment Re:Wat? (Score 1) 400

They burn out every week? You might have some seriously dirty power where you live. We have a few ceiling mounted, closed, multi bulb fixtures, and the CFL's in them don't burn out nearly as quick as yours. Current set has been going for about 2 years now. And they're on for at least 3 hours straight.

Comment Re:Good for apple (Score 1) 1078

I'm Dutch. Your point? I think people should be able to smoke in their own homes. Taxes on cigarettes are enormous, so they cover their own bills. Yes, they smell, but I've also stood next to non-smokers who almost made me throw up. You can't ban people smelling bad.

Also, I think you should be able to beat your wife, if she's into that kind of sex. Stop telling others what they can't do when they aren't really hurting society.

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