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Comment Re:The "it's always someone elses fault" boss (Score 3, Interesting) 299

My boss 18 years ago:

"All of our projects are behind! We will have 3 status meetings every day with all people involved until we catch up!"

So literally at least 4 to 5 hours a day were preparing and presenting status reports for the boss. Gave us 3 or 4 hours to work on the projects.
Eventually I stopped going to all but one meeting and finished my projects. He tried to fire me for that. Fortunately his boss had more sense.

Comment Re:Wow, just wow. (Score 4, Funny) 115

Well, you know only the BIG ISPs are able to afford things like computers, which can automatically calculate things like fees and bandwidth usage.

It's these poor "Mom and Pop" providers that are still keeping all their records on paper, and have to manually copy every packet from one internet tube to the next. It's REALLY exhausting. Can you imagine if they had to add up all the numbers and write a report for each and every subscriber every month? That would truly be burdensome. Someone needs to help these poor overworked people.

Comment Re: the real reason theyre arguing it. (Score 1) 310

Because there wasn't anything else.

In the US.

In Japan, they had smart phones in the 1990s. I remember playing with them in 1997 (we used to buy competitors products from all over the world and tear them apart) and asking "when will we get that here in the US?" And the marketers at my company were saying "US consumers don't want all that frippery on a phone!"

So one thing I thank Steve Jobs for is not listening to people like that.

Comment Re:There are human examples (Score 2) 47

Fairly accurate.

When I have some seriously repetitive or physically difficult task that I am avoiding (washing dishes, cleaning house, putting in fence posts, shoveling rocks or dirt, mixing concrete, etc.) weed gives me the motivation to do it and the stamina to finish it. (I live on a farm)

Anything involving dangerous equipment or serious thinking (chainsawing, taxes, writing reports, etc.) and I definitely do NOT hit the pipe first.


Comment Re:Strategic investements (Score 1) 155

A lot of companies are afraid of taking TOO big of a contract from Apple.

Apple has a habit of deciding to change and/or cancel contracts suddenly (and I'm sure they have an awesome team of lawyers to make it stick) after a manufacturer has dedicated an entire manufacturing line to making the (very specific) part for Apple.

I worked for a company that made parts for Apple about 5 years ago. Apple kept telling us to knock down the price or they'd cancel the contract. Eventually we were selling to them at a loss. For some reason our spineless management kept kowtowing to Apple and we went bankrupt. First thing the new management did after bankruptcy was to tell Apple we would never manufacture for them again.

Unfortunately we got sold to another company...who just signed a contract with Apple. But the parts we are making are not Apple exclusive, so we got that going for us, which is nice.

Comment Re:At least Trump may actually do some good (Score 5, Insightful) 351

You are either young, stupid or a troll. Possibly all three.

I lived before the EPA and the clean air and water acts. I lived near many refineries and factories back in the 60's and 70's. The toxic crap that poured from the smokestacks and drain pipes of these places was horrible. Have you ever seen bright yellow toxic sludge draining directly into a bay? It is not pretty, especially with all the dead sea life floating in it. Cancer rates were astounding, respiratory illnesses were through the roof back in those days.

So you want to kill the EPA. Go ahead. I no longer live near those places, but you should move there and enjoy what you want. Raise your kids there! It's what your heroes want.


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