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Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 194

Now if you citizens would only let us put microphones on you to record everything you say, and a body cam to record everything you do, and make all the data available to police, we'd all be safer!

Why do you hate safety? What are you doing behind closed doors? If you aren't guilty, you have nothing to worry about!

Say... your teen daughter might be a terrorist. We need to review her shower footage again.

Comment Re:TFA is not terribly clear... (Score 1) 229

Moral of the story is not to have a password.

If you have a phone cops cannot unlock, a reasonable jurist can assume that no one could have put any incriminating evidence on it to frame you, even if they could have.

If you have a phone anyone can use (no password) and you are separated from it at any time, you can bring up a very good reasonable doubt in court.

So just hang on to your phone and have no password. Don't put it on the table at restaurants, don't let it leave your person except at home, then you don't need a password. If it gets confiscated by cops, you have a very big out.

Comment Re:Clarification (Score 2) 173

Ah, so you've been to China.

I loved the fact that there were x-ray machines and people with scanner wands at all major train and subway stations (and airports, of course). I soon realized that usually none of this equipment was even powered up, but they still ran the wand over you and your bags through the scanners anyway. I would purposely leave metal things in my pockets and the scanners never went off.

Comment Re:Opting out (Score 1) 85

I believe letting the surveillance folks know where my cellphone is at all time is better for my privacy. It makes them lazy.


Because when I have it on me most of the time, then I leave it somewhere, that's where they think I am. So I can be anywhere else and no one will suspect.
My cell phone sits quietly at home when I visit my dealer.

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