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Comment Check your local community first (Score 3, Informative) 112

I'm guessing that your local community probably has some needs for your skills, whether its an elementary school, charity organization, adult education program, etc....You'd be surprised how many people are held back by their lack of basic computer skills Slashdotters think they were born with.

I share your same desire to be able to donate my skills to humanitarian organizations in need (I can't build a house with my hands, but I can sure set up networks, workstations, infrastructure, etc), but many people in the world need basic services like toilets a lot more than they need electronics.

Comment Spread out your backups (Score 1) 268

A few options for backup (I used all of these for my collection):

* Buy a bunch of USB external HD's, put the movies on them, and send them off to various members of your family (they'll love to have them too)!
* Upload everything to a Private YouTube account, then give your family access to them
* Backup to a Hard Drive, and place it offsite
* Carbonite or Dropbox

Comment Anti-Static Floor Mats (Score 2) 70

I just got a firm foam anti static floor mat for my workstation, and it is the greatest money I have ever spent. Even standing for 20 minutes is greatly improved by something a little squishy under my feet.

If any person might be standing in some spot, put one on the floor.

As for software and digital copies of stuff, buy a big honkin NAS device and store everything in ONE PLACE. Just the fact that its on the same physical machine eliminates people's need to search anywhere else.

Comment Unlikely (Score 5, Insightful) 131


The concept of using ADS-B to spoof position reporting doesn't hold water, since there are backup systems (Mode C/S xpdr)...though it may trigger a traffic alert on a neighbor's TCAS if it only relies on ADS-B reports (which it shouldn't). You can't control anything with just ADS-B spoofing.

Hacking the FMS via something like vulnerability in the ACARS receive stack....ok that might be in the realm of possibility. Except its not very useful, because any deviation of course or altitude would be detected by the pilots and ATC nearly immediately. Redundancy is built in at the human level.

Comment Neither (Score 2) 437

I ran a similar test like this when I was having performance troubles with one of my QA apps.

I had written it in C# because I was bored and wanted to explore the language a little bit. I ran into issues with threading and performance when ramping up TCP connections and data processing.

I did a line-by-line rewrite into C++ (seriously, I copied the source and translated each line)....and all my performance problems went away.

In my experience, both Java and C# are easy to write, but abysmal when it comes to performance.

Comment have fun (Score 1) 283

"Academics come first hands down so male/female ratio and party scene aren't too important."

Part of college is to have fun, because once you are older, you're not "allowed" to be irresponsible like you were in your college days. I studied engineering, and looking back, I wish I had been to more parties and met more people.

When you start interviewing for jobs, you need to be able to hold a conversation, be interesting, talk about different things, and generally be a likable person. An active social life will help you with that.

Life isn't all about academics - enjoy it a little.

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