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Comment I hate PHP (Score 1) 254

PHP is getting better but still has a long way to go before I can say I would choose it over other languages. Besides many of the things already mentioned here, I have a few more basic gripes with the language, namely its community/"ecosystem", Composer, namespaces and autoloading. I wrote about it in more detail and as expected (unfortunately), it generated lots of criticism from some fan boys, as well as some other more rational defensive comments from not-so-fired-up readers. I also wrote about what I consider to be the mentality of these folks who defend PHP as if their life depended on it, and how I hope they someday can see the light.

Comment Re:I already donated a few years ago... (Score 1) 71

It's the first time I'm hearing about IAC. That was not the company when I bought the two products, it was GG, nothing else. And at the time they actually had one guy from the community who was officially creating patches for the Linux version, and he was doing it for free. Suddenly they decided that the Linux version would be "community supported", which could be fine for a lot of people (myself included), but what infuriated me was when they simply decided that they would completely remove Linux support and not accept any more patches from that guy. This wasn't really costing them more money but they deliberately decided to fuck all the people who showed them their support, when they could have very easily maintained Linux as a target platform. So, as I said before, screw you GG.

Comment I already donated a few years ago... (Score 5, Interesting) 71

Crowdfunding to port Torque to Linux? Interesting... but I'm not falling for that one again. I already "donated" a few years ago, when I shelled out over a couple hundred dollars for both Torque3D and Torque2D under the promise that they worked on Linux (they actually sold three versions: Windows, Mac and Linux), only to have all my requests for help completely ignored when I complained that neither of them worked, and see the whole Linux ball dropped a few months later. So GarageGames: screw you, you're not getting my money again.

Comment Monetary damages (Score 1) 66

The suits are seeking monetary damages on behalf of potentially millions of users of the three companies.

Cool! I'm a user of google and facebook, so if they win, I'll get some mone... oh, wait...

I simply don't understand how this idiotic flood of lawsuits from everyone suing everyone else is still allowed. I mean, has anyone stopped to think of how much time and money is wasted on stupid cases? Not that this subject isn't important but come on, seeking monetary damages on behalf of the users?! WTF?!

Submission + - Gmail Video Chat now available on Linux

borfast writes: If you use Gmail on Linux, you may have wondered when would you be able to use the voice&video chat that Windows and Mac users have enjoyed for quite some time. The wait is finally over; Google yesterday announced video support for Linux browsers. Now if only Pidgin could get their act together and provide a solid video chat functionality in their client...

Comment Re:Nature, red in tooth and claw. (Score 1) 249

We are natural, indeed. Unless someone else created us (I don't believe in a god or a "superior entity", btw).

So we're either a glitch in Nature's seemingly perfect system, or a far technologically superior alien race made us.

That's actually a thought that crossed my mind a few times. Not that I give it any credibility or much thought at all but sometimes I imagine that we're nothing but tiny little particles in someone else's universe. Kind of like the galaxy in MIB 1 :)

Comment Re:Nature, red in tooth and claw. (Score 1) 249

Again, as I said in the comment I replied to a few minutes ago, those are not naturally occurring situations, those are situations created by man.

Rats didn't swim to easter island and cats were introduced in some regions by humans, too - not to mention that the latter are a species created by humans.

Look folks, it's quite simple: species don't anihilate each other just like that, because it would disrupt the whole ecosystem around them. This isn't rocket science and even farmers (no disrespect meant, it's just that farmers are not biologists, just as biologists wouldn't know how to grow corn) know what happens when some animal species gets wiped out from a region. The effects can be invisible or can be catastrophic. And Nature doesn't "let" such things happen just like that. The whole system is "built" on a very delicate balance.

Enough babling, I think I made my point.

Comment Re:Nature, red in tooth and claw. (Score 2) 249

Actually, Bananatree3 is right: we are the only species that destroy our own world and lead other species to extinction.

What you are talking about is natural selection, something that occurs naturally; what Bananatree3 was talking about is doing it on purpose, in a unnatural way.

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