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Comment Re:Weak passwords?! (Score 1) 195

Well... there's no need to be rude sir, I apologise if I offended you, I only mention it was posted above because I literally copied and pasted I was just citing where I got the info, TBH I didn't look at the times of the different posts, but would you have read CharlyFoxtrot's post if I hadn't mentioned it? What would've been the right thing to do? Assume you read it? What about other people who might read your post and miss Charly's?

A civilised response would've been nice...

Comment Re:Weak passwords?! (Score 1) 195

They do have a very strict policy, and it was stated above by CharlyFoxtrot but here it is again:

"When changing your password, your new Apple ID password should:

Be at least eight characters.
Contain at least one number (0-9).
Contain at least one uppercase letter (A-Z).
Contain at least one lowercase letter (a-z).
Not contain three consecutive identical characters.
Not have been used in the past year.
Not be the same as your Apple ID username."

it was never this strict though, but this is at least a few a years old.

Comment Re:AT&T paid too much (Score 1) 276

When I visited the US for training a couple of years ago, I wanted to get a local prepaid sim card to make/receive cheaper calls, AT&T was the only choice cuz T-Mobile didn't have coverage where I was and I didn't want to buy a CDMA phone cuz I saw that as a waste for only 3 weeks. to my surprise it was cheaper to use my own number to make and receive calls while roaming than it was to get an local number, which was my habit when I went to Europe and Asia.

There are a lot of good things in the US, but telcoms are not one of them, and I feel sorry for you and the rest of the world, cuz eventually we will follow your lead... so I hope things get fixed soon.

Comment Re:Sony Screwdriver (Score 1) 845

In Sony's case the screws only protected parts of the VCR that one would not know how to adjust properly if one had not taken the class. In Apple's case the screws only protect Apple's bottom line.

Yeah and in Apple's case the iPhone only has two screws. like people have said before this is not a custom screw, and now that there is a demand for them they will be available in the not to distant future.

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