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Comment Re:To what purpose? (Score 1) 157

Thats my take too, the bigger question is why the 5/2.5 isn't just a part of the 10G spec with a blurb that says if the cabling/link isn't working at 10G to downgrade to 5G. AKA 10G should have been a mandatory part of the specification.

Worse the large datacenters are dumping 10G for 25/100G right now.

Comment Re: Good! (Score 2) 614

I doubt most baby boomers paid as much for tecom services per month as your average cell phone/home internet connection costs.

IIRC when I was younger my parents were paying something like $10 a month for phone service that's $30 in today dollars (assume 1980 for CPI calculation).

Today a family can easily spend north of $200 a month providing a cell phone + home internet. Skimping it might be possible to get that for less, but i'm betting most families spend more than $30 a month in telcom services. Sure they are getting more service, but having internet access is even more critical today than having a phone was in 1970...

Comment Re:Globalization is GREAT! (Score 4, Interesting) 614

SS was never meant to be a savings plan, more like a pyramid scheme where you collected something from everyone working and divvied it up among those that weren't. Which worked well as long as each generation did better than the last. The problem was that the baby boomers were a bubble in the pipeline and the prediction was that those of us working when they retired would get screwed. The Regan fix would have actually fixed it, if congress could have actually balanced the budget between ~85-15 rather than just deficit spending more than the trust fund took in. So taken at a face value the fact that the government continues to spend more than it takes in has little to do with SS, which is a separate tax with a separate funding model.

Again by itself, SS is fine, the trust fund is ok too from the perspective of it having a lot of spare cash, and with just minor tweaks (removal of the SS wage cap for starters) fixes it for another generation or two. Not paying people with a net worth > $1 million is another tweak, things that are all fairly pedestrian but for some reason can't get any traction in congress. I leave you to reason about that....

Comment Re:FCC isn't doing this for us... (Score 1) 55

There are valid reasons to have licensed spectrum and communications systems that don't have to be at the mercy of a yahoo with an unlicensed source of interference.

Sure there are, but by percentage what portion of all the spectrum the FCC allocates is open? There are what the ISM bands and CB. The ham guys have a little more, but we aren't really talking a complete free for all. Licensed devices != licensed operators.

Comment Re:FCC isn't doing this for us... (Score 1) 55

Wifi is 2 way, you need a way to be able to receive signals from the other wifi devices on the network. Boosting the power through the sky on the AP, and attaching large MMIO antennas won't really get you that far picking up signals from someones cheap cellphone. Yah, you will boost your range, but not by much.

Comment Blah, everyone should struggle in college (Score 1) 206

If your not, then the school isn't doing their duty. Its probably pretty easy to determine if this is the case, simply take the grades of all the students and see if they resemble any kind of standard distribution.

Opps, did I say something wrong?

I remember being in school, and I graduated probably because of sheer stubbornness (although my GPA actually was pretty decent when compared with my peers, now days its probably considered bad). There were 5-6 classes that were absolute killers, mostly because the professors teaching them had high standards. A couple were the get a "B" with a 25% type of classes, a couple were personal issues, and there were a couple that I actually retook with another professor and did fine in (aka mismatch between the professors teaching methodology and my ability to learn it like that/by myself from the book).

Comment FCC isn't doing this for us... (Score 1) 55

It seems a huge part of what the FCC doesn't like are people setting their radios to other regulatory areas and using the nice "clean" spectrum allocated for commercial/government use. None of their proposed solutions really solve the problem, as motivated individuals can just pick up a device next time they are out of the country and put it in their apartment building anyway. Given how low power wifi is already, its likely they would never catch you.

But all this is just BS, because running an out of spec wifi AP doesn't really solve anything. Its not like anyone is going to go to the trouble of modifying all their devices to talk to an AP using a licensed band, or can communicate back to a wifi device attached to an amplifier.

The FCC/congress though is the real problem. Their corprate first attitude, has basically sold/given all the spectrum to organizations which hate the idea of individuals not having to be locked into paying monthly extortion..

Just imagine what the US would be like if instead of selling the spectrum used for just one of the recent spectrum auctions (take wimax for starters) they had instead allowed unlicensed use... The explosion of technologies in the extremely limited ISM bands suggests at just how useful this spectrum could be, instead of sitting around mostly unused.

Comment The real problem is ARM/Linux (Score 1) 257

As Linus bitched about a few years ago, the state of ARM/Linux is truly a sad thing. Mostly because of lack of hardware and software standards. Meaning that every device is basically running a custom kernel with a bunch of custom drivers. The push to use DT is cleaning up some of this, but its happening at a glacial pace. Partially because by itself, DT doesn't fundamentally solve the problem of hacked up drivers that differ from device to device that need DT properties to switch behaviors. AKA someone has to write "unified" drivers without upsetting the apple card on any of the the dozens of buggy hardware devices.

So, if google updates android it takes massive effort by the manufactures to go through their backlog of products (could be thousands of variations) and port their non upstream changes into the latest versions of android.

Worse yet, because of the "hacker" mentality of get it working, ship it move on to the next thing, frequently the code bases are all forked for every single device, so there isn't even a unified code base to apply common changes at a number of these companies. At one point the rumor was that one of the large vendors actually had more out of kernel code than the size of the kernel+drivers running on your average x86 machine.

Comment And its still a failure... (Score 1, Interesting) 298

So, with a capacity factor of ~20% that means that the wind farms are a feel good effort to green wash the natural gas peaker plants and the 45% coal base production spewing carbon and radioactive waste into the atmosphere that actually provides the vast majority of the energy.

Two decades of aggressive government programs to install solar and wind and the carbon reductions are hardly noticeable. I suspect if the idiots screaming renewables woke up and realized that their solution isn't solving anything and supported nukes as well as renewable, we could actually solve the global climate change problem before it destroys us.

Comment Re: Saddled with Windows 10 (Score 1) 314

Yah, for people running laptops and doing any kind of compute intensive work the difference between a desktop workstation and a laptop are again huge. From the 4+Ghz clock rates, to the fact that its possible to buy a E5 based machine with 44 cores or a 100+GB of RAM, 10Gbit+ ethernet, or attach multiple 4k monitors driven by GPU's that can process orders of magnitude more complex models than is possible on the power constrained laptop GPUs.

Bottom line, there are a lot of people who are inflicting a subpar computing experience on themselves because they want to carry around a workstation class machine, which fails on both accounts (its marginally portable, while being a relatively poor compute platform).

Sure some of that could be offloaded to a server somewhere, but frequently the latency between a machine in a rack somewhere and a latop "terminal" is pretty annoying. Even running NFS or doing git pushes to a remote server to run compile tasks can be painful enough to encourage the use of a decent desktop.

Comment Re:Don't use windows for this (Score 1) 266

Right, which drives the prices up, and when presented with a less expensive pretty looking product the less expensive one will be chosen over the one with "proper engineering". The doctors aren't going to be technicality proficient enough to analyze the differences, which in theory the FDA will be doing for them. But the FDA, like most other government regulators is understaffed/etc because close to 2/3rds of the legislature believes that the government shouldn't be regulating stuff like this. So its better to spend 1.3T on couple hundred planes than provide reasonable secondary education, or competent regulation that keeps fertilizer plants (and other heavy industries) away from residential areas, monitors drinking water quality, or rebuilds bridges before they collapse.

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