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Comment This is patently false. (Score -1, Troll) 582

Russians published their satellite data and detailed radar records. Data clearly implicates Ukraine army. Interviews with locals who seen this incident seem to confirm russian version. Yet western media managed to black it out completely. Russians asked US and Ukraine to publish their data. US is hiding its satellite data and istead published some joke screenshots. Ukraine government went even further: their security services confiscated data from air traffic control (there was also some BBS news on this topic, yet I didn't bookmark link for it).

It's all about BRICS and petrodollar. US thinks Putin has to be removed at all costs in order to keep petrodollar ponzi scheme working. This is pretty good summary of this whole Ukraine debacle.

Comment Re:This propaganda is worse than 2003 Iraq fiasco. (Score 0) 667

I suppose I'm discussing with some ukrainian "patriot". I have bad news for you. Uncle Sam wants to fight "bad russkies" and he wants to do this with your hands beacuse it's cheaper. US will fight Russia to the last Ukrainian. East Ukraine won't be the end of it. There will be Crimea all over again. There will be Rostov. Uncle Sam will send you onto suicide mission to Moscow. Unless you come to your senses and start thinking and talking like civilized people, you'll all die. And nobody will cry after you. Certainly I won't. If you wonder what is the purpose of their NSA spying apparatus, it is to collect data and scientifically understand fault lines across societies. They use this science to incite wars in Libya, Syria, Palestine, now Ukraine. And if US burns through all Ukrainians, they'll continue ther wars with Poles, Estonians and others. I'm a Pole - that's why I'm freaking out. I want no part in this madness.

Comment Re:This propaganda is worse than 2003 Iraq fiasco. (Score 0) 667

Not at all. Putin is doing his best to avoid being drawn into this conflict (just like Willhelm Keiser, BTW). Should Putin decide to go into Ukraine, he'd conquer it in a week or two - given that Ukie army cannot deal with a bunch of rebels for months (and gave up Crimea without fight) now shows that it is in complete disarray. Kiev forces are bad guys here, especially National Guard - ultra-far-right Right Sector thugs armed and called "military" by their president. And guess who is supporting them - US and EU. There are ugly atrocities incited by Kiev on civilian population there. Civilians are almost exclusively killed by Kiev forces and it often intentional. You don't need to take my word on it - do some research on youtube yourself. You can also read UN reports about Ukraine situation as there are already some available. UN reports contradict almost everything we see and hear in western media.

Comment Re:This propaganda is worse than 2003 Iraq fiasco. (Score 1) 667

Not at all. Should Putin want to invade Ukraine, he'd conquer it in a week or two. It seems that US (who is behind Kiev) is trying to pull Russia into this conflict just as they did in Afghanistan 35 years ago. Putin is doing his best to avoid intervention, yet I suspect there is quite a bunch of covert support for rebels. Either way, this is banderist west Ukraine who are bad guys here and guess who is supporting them. There is civil war going on and a lot of civilan casaulties - almost exclusively killed by Kiev forces and National Guard (ie. Right Sector thugs armed and officialy designated as "military"). You don't need (should not) to take my word on it - go to youtube and do some research yourself. You can also dig through UN and OSCE reports covering this topic as there are already some available. UN reports contradict almost everything we see and hear in western media.

Comment Re:This propaganda is worse than 2003 Iraq fiasco. (Score 1) 667

I'm very afraid reading such crap replies. First, it shows iron media grip firmly holding western citizens by the balls. Second, given amount of hate western media spewing against Russians and China right now, I see the great war coming. It seems that western establishment is hell bent on inciting another world war in order to destroy BRICS. For what ? For keeping petrodollar going ? Indeed we're in situation resembling beginning of the 1st Wold War. Just replace Britain with USofA, France with EU, Germany with Russia and Vladimir Putin with Wilhelm Keiser II, Ukraine with Serbia and MH17 crash with assasination of Archduke Ferdinant. Very frightening.

Comment This propaganda is worse than 2003 Iraq fiasco. (Score -1, Troll) 667

I'd rather believe this article by Robert Parry (THE journalist who reported Iran Contra scandal in 80s) than mainstream media propaganda where authors don't even dare to sign them with their own names.

This is far too early to judge as investigation didn't even start. All western media are jumping to conclusion as soon as possible and pointing fingers at Putin. Those screaming and pointing fingers should be investigated first as they're usualy suspects. Every police handbook tells it.

Comment It's counterpropaganda to crap from western media. (Score 1) 503

Russia nor novorussian rebels had nothing to gain from this shooting - except for political disaster for themselves. On the other hand, Kiev government had a lot to gain. First I describe current situation because for some strange reason there is nothing about this in western mainstream media.

Current situation:

In the last few days rebels managed to do a heavy spanking to ukrainian army and national guard (ie. right sector). Large number of their soldiers (approx 3-6 thousands, 10% of army!) have been trapped in a cauldron north of Saur Mogila, between Doneck/Lugansk and russian border without supply, being constantly shelled by rebels: entire batallion has been nearly wiped out (72th or 79th), 24th battalion has also been decimated. Lots of those soldiers dropped weapons and uniforms and tried to escape to Russia. In Lugansk airport at least two ellite groups are trapped, Ukies tried to establish corridor to get them out but their column suffered heavy losses - some of them managed to get to the airport but they failed to keep up corridor open, so they're trapped there as well. Rebels are constantly pounding them with mortars and artillery. Between 9th and 15th july, according to Ukie defence ministry they had more than 1500 soldiers killed in action, more than 4500 wounded, lost almost 40 tanks and more than 100 trucks plus several planes (they were losing approx. 2 planes a day over several days). Ukies started retreating and begain fortifying outside Lugansk/Doneck oblasts. To sum it up, they've suffered catastrofic losses, almost strategic defeat. There are suspicions that Kiev govt now fears that their military can turn against them, align with rebels, mop up right sector and national guard and overthrow Poroshenko government.

Losing badly, Kiev desperately needs something that would change the course. Direct NATO intervention would be ideal for them, if not then at least some ceasfire, so they can regroup and go on with some new plan. Shooting down civilian plane with 300 passengers and blame rebels and Russia for this plays ideally into their hand. Having said that, I strongly suspect that Kiev government is behind this tragedy - if not shooting directly, then indirectly by directing this plane into territory where military action is going on.

Comment Re:It's geopolitics, not just simple spy flap (Score 2) 219

No, this is british/american propaganda. WW1 was procured by Great Britain - british politicians at the time quote openly stated that WW1 is about extending British Empire for another 100 years. So they needed to destroy Germany that started outcompeting Britain in economic and industrial terms. They also managed to destroy Russsia in this process. WW2 was just part 2 of WW1 - peace conditions imposed on Germany guaranteed that and US bankers / corporations even helped bringing Hitler to power. Keiser was trying to avoid confrontation just as Putin today (contrary to nasty propaganda in western so called "free media"). My fear is that today's situation is very similiar to that from 1914 - dying empire choosing to wreak as much havoc as possible instead of reforming itself. Warfare changed a bit (instead of 3-gen industrialized wars we now have 4-gen proxy wars as those in Iraq or Ukraine).

Comment It's geopolitics, not just simple spy flap (Score 5, Interesting) 219

Most of European countries used to be vassals to US and if US spies were found, Europeans used to sweep such fiascos under the rug. This is changing now. My suspicion is that this is related to strong arm tactics of US government (if not outright bullying, eg. ACTA, now TISA, BNP Paribas etc.) and other fiascos (NSA, and now all this Ukraine/Russia fiasco, caused almost entirely by US neocons). My feeling is that European countries are now in the process of breaking out from strong US influence as they recognized USofA is actually not their friend. Russia might also be involved, assisting core EU countries in delicate path of reducing their political subordination to Washington. Note that France is also increasingly defying Washington orders (Mistral contract) despite of heavy bullying (BNP Paribas case), with top french politicians and central bankers talking openly about getting rid of dollar in international trade. Great Britain and Poland are the only countries trying to wreak as much havoc as possible in this process. Should this process go on for a while, it would force USofA to abandon its imperial project, reform itself and start behaving like ordinary country which would be good thing for everyone, especially Arabs/Ukrainians and ordinary Americans themselves.

This is much more than just simple spy flap story.

Comment De-americanization has officially began (Score 5, Insightful) 206

Will be somewhat off-topic but still (somewhat) related.

De-americanization has officially began when Russia signed gas deal with China bypassing dollar. This process started long ago but with this deal it's now official. Things seem to speed up since then. Germany Verizon thing is just another domino piece falling. Regardless of what Americans think of it, I see it as a good thing. Aside from taking (most of the) world of american hegemony, ending of US imperial project can benefit Americans themselves - granted that their (incompetent and incredibly corrupt) government manages to transition from imperial power to ordinary (but better managed) country in orderly way (that is, without inciting WW3).

Message to fellow Americans: you're still one of the most progressive folks in the world (yet NOT the most ones), it's just your fucked up government that sucks, causes mayhem (Ukraine being the last manifestation of this) and blocks your potential. It's time to abandon your imperial/global hegemony policies - you can prosper pretty damn well in a multipolar world (much better than most of the rest). It all depends on you. BUT there are few things to do. You need to bring your fucked-up out-of-control government back in control, forget about american exceptionalism and learn to live in (competitive) multipolar world (ie. do not solve all problem using military or inciting civil wars).

Comment Ask Github folks to implement alternative (Score 1) 62

I've just looked at github 'release' feature and I see that they implement it without much effort if they choose to. User can add release notes to particular tag and add binaries to download. Missing things: some summary page with releases, RSS/Atom feeds, tags for projects (eg. Java, Monitoring, CRM, Perl etc.) and versions (eg. Beta, Stable, Minor etc.), screenshots. My perception is that this can be fairly natural extension to their current feature set, fairly easy to implement. At least some of these features are not crucial and can be implemented separately. Lack of money from such features might be the only obstacle. I'm now writing 'feature request' e-mail to their support and I encourage everyone interested to do the same. Inform them that is now dead and specify features you would like to have. Let's see how they'll react.

Comment Re:Freecode/Freshmeat replacement? Simple? (Score 2) 62

I used to publish releases of my software on, so I'm quite angry about this. Actually, every time I've published release on, traffic to my project site increased substantially, so I conclude 'lack of traffic' is a bunch of lies spewed by Dice corporate drones and real purpose is just to kill it off and block independent developers.

Freshmeat did one thing and did it well. Now I cannot find alternative sites that would do this in similiar way - so called 'alternatives' are either ad-ridden to the point of being useless or are not maintained on regular basis. If anyone knows similar and useful site, please let me know.

I would ask Dice if they would donate domain name to a group of people interested in recreating something like this. It would expose their intentions quite clearly. Should they refuse -> they're interested in killing off this site regardless of costs/utility/users/etc. (and this would implicate that their 'lack of traffic' is propably a lie).

Maybe asking some well managed companies like Github if they're interested in filling this market niche would be another solution.

Anyway, if there is enough people interested in recreating such index, I'm ready to donate some of my time and effort (granted that no company is interested in this and no real alternatives do exist).

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