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Comment Re:No complaints (Score 1) 262

I only found out when I tried to play Paragon, and Epic's game is so PC - centric that logging in is broken until you plug in a keyboard and type in your password that way. (there's no way to trigger the on screen keyboard for that field somehow)

The whole UI is so keyboard and mouse based that you have to move a little cursor around with your analogue stick and "click" on things. I may need to jut plug a mouse in and go PC on this thing, but until I have a computer that can handle it, I'm stuck playing on consoles.

Comment I understand the concern but... (Score 4, Insightful) 262

Controller adapters should absolutely /not/ be banned, since they'll take assistive devices out with them. That, and I have friends who play xbox fighting games with mouse/keyboard because they're hardcore pc players, and I play all my xbox games with a Dualshock 2 -> xbox360 adapter.

The best move here is to add keyboard and mouse support, and separate matchmaking by device type used.

Comment Re:No complaints (Score 2) 262

That actually falls under his second condition: "... openly and easily support [all controller types] for all players." On PC all controller types are supported, including gamepad and mouse+keyboard. Everyone knows this, and everyone has that choice. Thus, it's fair.

On console the assumption is that you're playing with a controller. Until Playstation/Xbone openly support plugging in mouse/keyboard, he wants them either banned, or support added.

The joke's on him though, the PS4 openly supports keyboards. Mouse? I don't know. I haven't tried.

Comment Re:there are good reasons. just not many. (Score 1) 201

Well, maybe not Tokyo. They're CDMA. (though they use GSM/WCDMA for 3g if you got a 2100MHz 3G phone, there's no GSM to fall back to, only CDMA). Also it was only in the last couple of years you were able to buy/use an unlocked phone there. It sucked. While their tech is great, they're somehow more behind on the mobile sphere than we are. (except in payments, where they kick our ass)

Comment Re:Impressive... and improbable. (Score 5, Interesting) 74

While I've had almost the exact opposite experience (my Arch laptop has been running a few years now without issues) I kindof appreciate that it breaks for people so often. It's lead to the Arch wiki being the most complete wiki for solving linux problems I've seen. Hell, I usually go there to fix problems on any linux. It's saved my ass on ubuntu quite a few times!

Comment The base stations shouldn't be secure (Score 1) 88

Unless we're talking about base stations that connect to some online cloud service so you can control it from work, I want less security, not more. Really, the job of security should be left up to the router/gateway between my network and the internet. If the attacker's on my local wifi, I'm already hosed anyway.

More importantly, leaving these devices open is good for extensibility. If the devices become secure, they become locked down. As it is, if my smartbrand a doorbell goes off I can have it tell my smartbrand b lights to turn on, etc. Security will solve a problem of a hacker getting in, but you can bet we won't get the keys for our own legitimate use.

Secure your network, and let the devices do what they do best. Also don't connect them to the internet because damn, that sounds like a mess waiting to happen, security or not.

Comment Sounds more like technical short-sightedness (Score 4, Interesting) 250

Having not read the article, this sounds more like the age-old behaviour of auto-synch.

If auto-synch is left on, of course it erases the entire library and replaces it with your iTunes library. If the non-iTunes purchased songs were loaded onto the iPod from another source, then of course they don't get re-added until you go and add them again from the other source. People have been aware of this at least since my friend and I would load songs onto eachother's 3rd gen ipod with dock connector back in highschool.

Comment Re:So Android DOESN'T have an Apple Pay equivalent (Score 1) 122

Personally, it's really annoying to me that they did this with KitKat. I used to enjoy NFC payment with my phone that has a secure element, but then google switched to the software method and my phone won't be updated. They discontinued google wallet service for secure element phones back in April. Now I have to use my card again.

Long story short, I'm pissed that by 'upgrading' they took a feature I had and regularly used away.

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