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Comment Re:Fair use!!! (Score 1) 668

I think Radiohead has proven that the artists can live without the RIAA. With the release of their recent album, they did a "name your own price" to download it, no record label or DRM attached. It is estimated that they made upwards to $10M in doing so!

Although I don't know if the "name your own price" concept would work long term, bands with who already have a name for themselves can profit greatly at this model. It is the new "no name" bands that would struggle IMO.


Submission + - Sun employing Microsoft Techniques?

boogybren writes: "It appears that Sun has taken the Microsoft approach on getting the word out about Open Office. Very late on the night of the 18th, I was notified by a systray alert that there was a Java update. Much to my chagrin, it says that it is a Java update but it is nothing but an Open Office install! The only option is to either install it or postpone the install. Clicking on more information gives no details whatsoever on how to delete the update entirely."

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