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Comment Re:You SHOULD be concerned. (Score 0) 604

"everybody is already stocking up masks and spraying disinfectants everywhere" This particular bit of your argument worries me more than actually getting infected by the virus. 1. A virus is (arguably) nonliving; it cannot replicate on it's own and does not do much anything by itself. The point is that disinfectants only harm living organisms and not viruses, namely bacteria. The impact of this is that the bacteria with high drug resistance survive, reproduce, and create a new generation of more drug resistant bacteria. The use of anti-bacterial soaps and such is purely to provide the illusion of security (security theater). When someone legitimately needs antibacterial drugs, the treatments need to be stronger, or may not even work; it is a lose-lose situation: the stronger the treatment is, the more "good" cells/organisms are hurt, while if it does not work, the malevolent bacteria is free to spread. Expect to see many drug companies profiting from this virus, despite it being completely useless. 2. I live in San Jose CA and go to school in the San Jose Unified School District, pretty close to Branham in the Cambpell Union School District. This morning, Branham High School was shut down for seven days because one student was suspected of carrying swine flu. It is still an unconfirmed case, and will be for at least one more day (it takes at least two days to get lab results determining if the virus is actually the H1N1 virus). Yes, the virus is definitely worth watching out for, but I am not worried about contracting the virus and I believe the school system, and indeed the state government, is more than capable of adequately responding to this virus (if not for the states readiness, then for the viruses relatively small threat). I don't think it will be nearly as bad as the 1918 virus, the SARS epidemic, or even close to the avian flu scare. Unfortunately, I will still be going to school tomorrow. Here's to hoping that I'm right.

Submission + - TED 6th sense technology (

boogerme0 writes: "This video shows the new wearable technology that makes takes personnel computing to a whole new level. This is done by an Indian Student who is in MIT — Pranav Mistry." This is a cross between an iphone and a projector; a pretty cool device. On a side note, when can I get one?

Submission + - US military prepares for cyber command (

Young Wild and Free writes: The US administration is planning to create a new military command to counter cyber attacks on the country's sensitive computer networks, a US defense official said on Wednesday. The move would be part of a planned overhaul of cyber security policies now being weighed by the White House, the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told AFP.

Submission + - Best all-weather material for a large greenhouse?

boogerme0 writes: I am planning to build a large scale green house (more than a few acres in area) and I am investigating possible materials for the construction thereof. It has to be able to survive a desert climate for prolonged periods of time, be durable, and, most importantly, cheap. I want to create a large temperature difference between the interior of the greenhouse, and the immediate exterior so as to turn water into steam. Does the slashdot community have any suggestions?

The Age of Speed 114

enactd writes "I feel life is a constant juggle, for every task in hand you have another to react to or let drop. The Age of Speed helps you chart your tasks to keep the important goals in sight while recognizing and reacting to distractions. Being a geek on the cutting edge of technology gets one acquainted with speed quickly, but being able to handle it is another matter and streamlining is an ongoing effort. The goal of the book is to help you decide what is important in your life and extract as much pleasure from those things while minimizing the time spent on the mundane." Keep reading for the rest of Chris's review.

Comment Price of damages? something more serious... (Score 0, Redundant) 685

It sounds to me like they pretty much arbitrarily choose the cost of damages in these bootlegging charges, and give bogus reasons for them. Considering that there exist pretty much no grounds for exacting justice legally, what happens if they are found guilty? What are the potential ramifications?

Comment Epic's in a bit of hot-water (Score 5, Interesting) 598

DRM does it again. Does this mean consumers who've been affected by this can sue? After all, Epic did technically violate an inherent contract in the buying and selling of video games: consumers give money to a company in order to play the video game (permanently). Since the consumers essentially do not have their game anymore, they paid for nothing more than a rental. It's akin to selling your car, then taking it back a few weeks later and pocketing the money you stole, er, made. At least they should be giving a full refund to the affected consumers.

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