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Comment Re:Sophistry (Score 1) 606

Sure we question and analyze reality, we just believe in a different reality to you.

Your idea of reality is one that someone else has defined for you and demands that you accept at face value. Thats harldly a reality.

How else can you take the term 'raised from the dead'? He died and then he lived. He was dead and then he was raised back into life. He was pronounced dead (after slipping into a comma) but sat straight up and asked to go home 20 minutes later.

I'm not a doctor, but I've heard of many numerous incidents of people being declared dead and then coming back.

And as for 74 days without food and water being hardly abnormal? It's widely recognised that any more than about a week without water or seven weeks without food (dependent on fat stores) will cause death. This guy went 10 and a half weeks without both (and was daily beaten too).

Apparently what I said about historical examples went over your head. I don't quite know where your source for that "widely recognised" "fact" comes from.

Unfortunately some people choose to harden their hearts despite occurances that clearly defy long helf scientific and natural laws to prevent uncomfortableness.

I use my head and not my heart. None of your examples debunk science. Anything that cannot be explained with current knowledge doesn't mean its a religious occurance.

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