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Comment Re:Whoops! Solely AP Not MPR (Score 0, Flamebait) 736

Yeah, supply and demand doesn't effect the law of supply and demand. I call bullshit on this. If it doesn't then why is Obama giving speeches about how drilling is increased under him. You libtards can't have it both ways. You can't say drilling won't help, and in the same breath say you are drilling all you can, especially when defying a court order to re-open drilling in the gulf, and blocking a pipeline. This site is supposed to be about tech. But, if we want to turn it into stupid political oneupsmanship then we can do that. Liberals, the all powerful government can solve every problem except gas prices/food prices.

Comment Don't balance your budget on the back of workers (Score 1) 997

I have seen companies go out of business due to practices like this. If he wants to pay you to work 11 hour days, thats one thing, but expecting your salary to cover the extra time is BS. Even if he pays, you can't be expected to go at that pace for an extended period of time. If you were offered an ownership stake, then there would be an incentive to work that hard. As it is, if he implements that policy expect 80% of workers to walk.

Comment Sad, but true (Score 1) 945

This is sadly true. I am a conservative, and am all but banned from sites like red state for my attempts to explain net neutrality. I think it all comes down to the word neutrality, the right feels like this is a fairness doctrine for the internet. I don't know what it will take to convince them otherwise. I have personally emailed Limbaugh about his comments and lack of understanding of the issue. No response to date.

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