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Comment Re:Ringworld (Score 1) 1222

True, it's way too much for a single movie to be done right. I would just like to see a super high resolution dive into Ringworld from the edge of the solar system to the landing on the floor - something I hope to get to see before I die.

You can probably skip Ringworld Throne (#3), but you can't end the miniseries without Ringworld's Children (#4).

Also would be good to spin into the Protector story which has a lot of lead-up to Ringworld with the Pak Protectors.

Comment Ringworld (Score 5, Insightful) 1222

Oh wait, James Cameron's been sitting on the rights for that for almost two decades so he can waste our time with giant blue aliens encounter generic military stereotypes.

Either use your rights, or give them to someone else already, John. My opinion of you has gone from top-notch to meh about you over the years. Shit or get off the pot.

Comment What happened to the 2018 Surface Phone? (Score 1) 83

I thought the big plan was for them to step back for a year and finally get a low-powered x86 mobile chip and clean the market up with the Surface Phone. It would be a portable PC with docking and all that.

Now they are just going to shit the bed with a Samsung co-brand? Really?

Sounds like a really explosive idea!

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