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Comment Re:To what purpose? (Score 1) 154

Just ploy to keep 10G artificially higher. 10G switches are nearly 1/2 the price of similar 2.5G/5G switches , with nearly quadruple the performance.
*$1100 Netgear m4200 2.5/5G switch 8 RJ45 2 SFP+ 90Gbps Capacity , 66 Mpps . (no number on non blocking) http://www.downloads.netgear.c...
*$595 Ubiquiti ES-16-XG 4xRJ45 10G 12xSFP+ 320 Gbps Capacity, 160Gpbs Nonblocking, 238Mpps http://www.balticnetworks.com/...

Also if you import 300m(1000f) cat7 1200Mhz 23 AWG directly from germany for about 300 bucks.

So for less than cost of a 2.5/5G switch one could buy a 10G switch with quadruple the switching capacity and upgrade their cabling. Or just run 10g over your cat6/cat6e depending on the cable runs.

Comment Buzzword government lawyer bingo (Score 1) 239

The NHTSA FAV policy is clearly influenced more by politics/news and someone trying to score points in a press conference than safety. Of 14 points of 'safety', many have nothing to do with the safety of self driving cars.
* Privacy(omg googles is spying on me )
* System Safety(isn't this about safety )
* Vehicle Cybersecurity(omg their hacking our cars)
* Human Machine Interface(this shouldn't be that new , we have cruise control rules,AV should extend those )
* Crashworthiness(Already have crash standards)
* Consumer Education and Training (there are no standards for items already)
* Registration and Certification(should really be in here, you must follow their guidelines to be approved. )
* Post-Crash Behavior(relevant)
* Federal, State and Local Laws(Federal already supersedes local laws, ie federal speed limits example)
* Ethical Considerations( don't be Volkswagen or Mitsubishi)
* Operational Design Domain( needs "system engineering approach" and we need pretty pictures to understand)
* Object and Event Detection and Response(relevant , wouldn't be very autonomous if it is didn't do this though)
* Fall Back(relevant)
* Validation Methods(really we have nothing related to this already?)

Comment Idiot 'security researcher' (Score 4, Informative) 395

The so called 'security researcher' got confused with Google Nearby https://support.google.com/acc... . Google also moved core android OS functions into Google Play Services so core functions could be updated without rolling an entire android update(which the oem would never do). Moving the location provider was part of the this rework, so everyone could get the latest google maps turn by turn directions and provide a consistent api to developers http://lifehacker.com/why-goog....

Comment Re:Too secure for insecure? (Score 1) 569

You're either a troll or a hillary drone or just dumb as box of rocks. The SAME 22 MILLION MISSING EMAILS were recovered and the lawsuit was settled by the Obama administration. Cherry picking that there might be one or two emails out there that are still missing , doesn't mean 22 MILLION emails are still missing. Fuck do you think a liberal lawsuit against Bush would have been settled with the Obama Admin if they still thought even a 10% of the emails were still missing? (Answer Fuck No!)

Comment Re:Any Evidence that this story is correct? (Score 1) 569

Except Gowdy, the FOIA requests and the FOIA lawsuit(s) were BEFORE they were deleted. Gowdy only followed up with a subpoena after the Clinton team didn't hand over anything. Clinton WILLFULLY broke the FOIA laws, she was talking back in 2009 ish about FOIA laws but the Clinton team just ignored it. Clinton only handed over emails nearly 2 YEARS after a FOIA request. She left office Feb 2013, they deleted them Dec 2014. Everyone learned of the email issue after the original FOIA request said there were NO Clinton emails.

Comment Re:Too secure for insecure? (Score 2) 569

Clinton was even a classified data originator. She didn't have brains or just didn't think the rules applied to her to understand that she shouldn't have classified conversations on an unclassified server. Fucks sakes she didn't even have a login on to the classified system. More telling is the IT security folks were told to shut up about their objections to her email server.

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