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Comment Little late now (Score 3, Interesting) 38

Google just screwed up on Google Home. Amazon echo had SDK access from the get go, not months after launch.
Here are some more items:
1) Walled garden approach, no one except a few companies had ability to integrate before launch.
2)Stupid Android/iOS App only for configuration and setup. Echo has both App and web interface.
3) Me too , late to the game, the Echo was release in Nov 2014.
4)No bluetooth or stereo jack.
5) Home automation support is current limited to 3 official products, good thing there is Hue Bridge, otherwise my 60 or so smart home devices wouldn't work.
5) Google Home sucks for name, a few weeks ago searching for anything Google Home brought you articles about the Google Homepage.

The only good thing it has going for it is the speech is better than Amazon by slight margin and it is bit quicker than the Echo.
Hoping Google turns it around a bit.

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