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Comment Re:Who says I believe either? (Score 1) 732

Hillary Clinton stated multiple times she wanted a No Fly Zone in Syria would require us to go with Russia. Technically Russia isn't WWIII maybe nuclear war. Is that better ?
For some reason the US media didn't call out HIllary about the No Fly Zone at all. So we had to Russian outlets just to get any crictical information of Clinton,

Comment Re:NSA has moderate confidence (Score 1) 732

You do realize those paragraphs contains basically the same information right? The first is vague paragraph based off of public information and is basically hand waving. The second basically repeats the second but is more precise but suddenly the NSA doesn't agree on the specifics.

Comment NSA has moderate confidence (Score 5, Interesting) 732

The NSA said it has moderate confidence or about 50% that it was the Russians. So for nearly the same probability of flipping a coin, 35 diplomats were kicked out and 2 Russian sites that have been open since the 1970s were closed down.

The NSA opinion holds vastly more weight related to hacking because the NSA are the hacking experts, the FBI/CIA are doing political guessing.

The FBI changed there opinion on the CIAs information. Considering the former CIA head came out for Clinton and the current head John Brennan spoke out against Trump. Both the CIA/FBI ended with highly confident, sure not political at all, wink, wink.

I will trust the NSA over the CIA/FBI.

Submission + - US Intelligence report offers no direct evidence of Russian Hacking (

bongey writes: The declassified DNI report offers no direct evidence of Russia hacking DNC or Podesta emails. Exactly half of the report (subtract blank and TOC) 9 of 18 is just devoted to going after by claiming they have close ties to Russia and therefore a propaganda arm, trying to imply that is related to the hacking.
"Many of the key judgments in this assessment rely on a body of reporting from multiple sources that are consistent with our understanding of Russian behavior. Insights into Russian efforts—including specific cyber operations—and Russian views of key US players derive from multiple corroborating sources. Some of our judgments about Kremlin preferences and intent are drawn from the behavior of Kremlin loyal political figures, state media, and pro-Kremlin social media actors, all of whom the Kremlin either directly uses to convey messages or who are answerable to the Kremlin"

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