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Comment Re:Forget the computer program... (Score 1) 179

She isn't 116 is the reason, just do a google image search for "oldest living person". She easily looks 10-20 years younger. Her birth certificate was most likely issued much later than her actual birth date. That is also why the genius world records organization requires more than just a local birth certificate.

Comment Re:It's pretty simple (Score 1) 260

Incorrect, the Energy Star program has cost more than 350 million since 2009. Leaving out the Energy Star consumer rebates totaling 239 million isn't being honest. Took me a while to find an actual budget and what they have spent, for some reason it is missing from the 'OMG Trump' articles.

Comment Re:CBC is full of it. (Score 1) 296

ars technica quote multiple food scientists at various universities , it wasn't a random ars technica writer. The problem with the way the CBC lab tests is that it used a DNA test to say what percent that chicken/soy etc. Problem is no one uses a DNA tests to calculate percent of content, they only use it to detect that the meat kind of meat. Example usage is detecting what kind of fish that is actually being served in a restaurant. Accurate test methods have a way of separating the meat into its different parts, ie dye methods or mechanical separating (example centrifuge) or spectrum analysis. DNA testing basically has too small of sampling to be accurate, ie you cannot do a large scale dna test of entire piece of meat, only very tiny portion that easily can be contaminated. Example they could sample a 100 different samples of individual piece of meat, but the problem is most likely even if half of those samples contained 1% soy, the test would come out with 50% soy content. Which isn't correct.

Comment Re:Better idea (Score 1) 172

They pretty much are already doing that. Media Matters of America,PoliticusUSA, and ThinkProgress are considered 'legitimate' news sources(check their 'Adjust Sources'). While they just removed sites like in the last few months. All three of those sites are much worse than the thegatewaypundit at report accuracy. There is no way to add a personal source either.

Comment Re:Users can report? (Score 1) 172

Except their algorithm is being adjusted to down mod conservative sources Even using 'Adjust Sources' in Google News , left sites still pop up to the top and are cited many more times. Same thing is happening today, CNN still gets cited more than any other source with the example 'Adjust Sources' . It is impossible to get to that output without a manual parameter that ends up over-riding the user preferences.

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