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Submission + - How To Get Rid Of The Facebook Ticker

An anonymous reader writes: Earlier this week, Facebook rolled out an updated News Feed, as well as the real-time Ticker feed, to its 800 million active users. As always, many were unhappy with the changes but they couldn’t do anything as Palo Alto does not offer an option to revert to previous site designs. Thankfully, there's an easy way to get rid of it, courtesy of Web developer Arik Fraimovich.

Submission + - AMD Barcelona sets the bar for Server CPU's (techwarelabs.com)

Jason writes: "In just a short few hours AMD will officially launch its newest addition to is server processor lineup named Barcelona. Barcelona marks an important point in the AMD roadmap as it is AMD's first quad core server cpu. TechwareLabs has a first look at this new CPU and its performance for you, will try to help you answer the question "Will Barcelona set the bar for server chips to measure up to?" The new cpu has a clock for clock advantage up to a 30% advantage over every Xeon tested it against. Does this mean its the new performance king or does the Intel Xeon still hold that title? TechwareLabs diggs into the Barcelona to bring you working silicon on a specialized board and the tests and benchmarks to show the actual performance vs the early claims. Read the Review. AMD Barcelona Review "

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