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Comment In the name of SAFETY (Score 1) 75

As long as we're being told we'll be SAFE, Americans are willing to give up any and all freedoms. "Hand over all your private information and we'll keep you 'safe'." How are we any different than communist China these days... Our government gives us a few freedoms as long as we keep buying shit and making them rich. The only thing that matters anymore in this country is the Economy.

Buying a Domain From a Cybersquatter 800

Nevo writes "A partner and I are in the planning stages of a business. We've decided on a name that we'd like to use but the domain name is already registered. The owner has a single 'search' page up (similar to the one at clearly not a legitimate business interest, but since we don't own a trademark on this name it doesn't qualify as bad faith, I don't think. Does anyone have any experience buying domains from these operators? Do you have any advice on how to approach the owners of these domains to get them at a reasonable cost?"

Comment Netbook-remix for my neighbor (Score 1) 1365

My neighbor lady comes over with her dell netbook full of the xp virus that she "PAID" for and isnt working... I take it, download Ubuntu Netbook-Remix, throw it on my usb drive and load it on her netbook in 30min. Gave it back to her the next day, all she does is check email, surf the web, and instant message. Havent seen her since.

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