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Submission + - Slashdot is being spammed?! ( 4

satuon writes: Why would anyone spam slashdot?! What's the point? I have no idea, but something like 80%-90% of the submissions are spam. I don't know if this happens just now or all the time, I don't go in that much. I'm just posting this cause I got frustrated. If you're frustrated as well mod this up, I want there to be a discussion of this!

Submission + - SPAM: Cisco's Chambers demonstrates home TelePresence

alphadogg writes: Cisco Systems Chairman and CEO John Chambers demonstrated on Wednesday how the company's TelePresence videoconferencing technology could be developed into a consumer product, showing off the long-awaited system at a press conference ahead of the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The home TelePresence system that Chambers demonstrated included a set-top box, remote control, high-definition camera and microphone. The system is designed to work with existing high-definition televisions, with the camera mounted above the screen. Possible applications could include healthcare.
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Submission + - Ford shows touchscreen dashboard at CES (

superapecommando writes: Ford has updated its Sync technology and made it the basis for a new driver interface and dashboard design called myFord Touch that it is rolling out at this week's Consumer Electronics Show.
It plans to eventually add myFord Touch, which marries voice recognition, graphic screens and touch controls on the steering wheel, to models across its product line, according to company executives. The new console will first be available in the Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX. However, starting in 2012 it will also ship globally in one of the company's most affordable models, the Ford Focus — a move to "democratize" a high-end technology that offers safety benefits, company executives said.

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