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Submission + - LGM 2008 fundraising campaign enters last day (

bolsh writes: "The Libre Graphics Meeting fundnice has been running for the past two weeks. The goal of the campaign was to raise money to pay for travel expenses of volunteer developers from projects like Inkscape, the GIMP, Scribus and more to get them together in Wroclaw, Poland from the 8th to the 10th of May.

Thanks to some nice coverage and phenomenal community support, the campaign can already be declared a success — close to $10,000 raised to date, with 240 individual donations, over 750 sites and over 700,000 views for the campaign badge, the response has been phenomenal.

The campaign ends tomorrow (Friday) at midnight Pacific Standard Time, so this is your last chance to get your donation in, and help move the free software graphics community up further on the list of conference sponsors."


Submission + - LGM 2008 fundraiser raises $2500 in 3 days (

bolsh writes: "The Libre Graphics Meeting is a conference which brings core developers from a number of free software graphics projects together, including the GIMP, Inkscape, Scribus, Blender, Cairo, LittleCMS, Open Clipart, Tuxpaint, XeTeX, Art of Illusion, Gentium, FontForge and more. In its first two years, the conference has resulted in major new features being integrated in various projects, as a result of the collaboration and conversations which people have had at the conference.

This year, the organisers have launched a call for support in the form of a fundraising drive, and are encouraging people who would like to support their favourite graphics project to donate money to help cover travel costs of the volunteer developers who can't afford to come otherwise.

The organisers set an ambitious goal of $20,000 in 16 days, and after 3 days, the campaign has now raised over $2500 (as of the time of writing, the campaign is up to $2,757). Every little helps, and we believe that at this rate, we can attain our target of $20,000.

As the level of funds raised by the community goes up, we will be adding you to the sponsors page. If we meet our target, our community will have the distinction of being the cornerstone sponsor for this year's edition!"


Submission + - Libre Graphics Meeting launches fundraiser (

bolsh writes: "The Libre Graphics Meeting has become the reference meeting place for free software graphics developers since its first edition 2 years ago. This year the conference is in Wroclaw, Poland and we need to raise money to support travel for all these (usually unpaid) developers to attend.

The organisers of the conference have launched a fundraising campaign to raise $20,000 in 16 days, and they need your help to do it. You can spread the word, by embedding a badge for the fundraiser in your webpage."


Submission + - :: GNOME focuses on accessibility -- wit (

bolsh writes: "The GNOME project yesterday launched the GNOME accessibility outreach program, featuring funding from the GNOME Foundation, the Mozilla Foundation, Novell, Canonical and Google for accessibility-related projects. Part of the project will be concerned with improving the integration of XUL into the GNOME platform, and improving the accessibility support for Firefox and other XUL applications. After the Women's Summer Outreach Program in 2006, this is another interesting initiative from GNOME (disclosure: I was a board member of the foundation for 3 years), which will improve the Linux desktop in a very concrete way for an important group of users. There is a longer story on the initiative over at, including the following telling testimony from Willie Walker, the GNOME accessibility lead:

"Now what we're seeing with this whole thing is that accessibility is being flagged out as an important thing at the board level," Walker says. "We're also seeing within the GNOME community — and this has been happening for the past several years — accessibility is just a fact of life. I'ts part of our normal thinking. We don't have to fight for it, people understand the need for it, and we work better together."
Another example of free software bringing a focus onto something which proprietary software has made an expensive niche market, when it should be a core part of the system."

The Internet

Submission + - Wengo releases a Flash softphone for webpages

bolsh writes: "Wengo, a company specialising in VoIP and instant messaging, and patron of the OpenWengo project (previously featured in Free Software magazine and here on Slashdot, has just released WengoVisio — a flash softphone that you can download and embed in your web page, to allow readers to call you when you're available through their browser, without downloading any software (disclaimer: I work for Wengo, on the OpenWengo project). It's pretty cool — it's functionally cut down from the full Wengophone, but it's enough to be able to make a phone call in a web page for the first time."

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