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Comment The Wall Street Journal says it best (Score 3, Informative) 224

Mr. Ozzie appeared to lose a key battle with Mr. Sinofsky two years ago when control of Live Mesh, a data synchronization technology developed by Mr. Ozzie's team, shifted to the Windows organization at the company. Read more: About a year ago, oversight of another initiative Mr. Ozzie was involved in, its Windows Azure cloud computing technology, moved to the server and tools business run by the division's president, Bob Muglia. Read more:

Comment MS could have owned the cloud (Score 4, Interesting) 229

Microsoft never did understand Lotus Notes. It was like a alien language. They just didn't get it. I experienced this first hand, having worked with both Lotus and Microsoft. When Gates hired Ozzie he hoped that MS would get his vision for the Internet. Even after Ozzie made huge headway with Azure, the Windows 8, 9 , 10 people still didn't get it. They just want to do fat OS's, Office and dabble in media. I though Balmer had Ozzies back, but if he tried, he just didn't get it either. In desperation, Ozzie decided to leave (I am guessing) because MS could have been the leader in the cloud with the only true operating system designed for the cloud. Now MS will just be another cloud player and the legacy OS, et al people will keep driving the company into the ground. Well, they had their chance.

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