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Comment I've been using The Old Reader (Score 1) 335

I've been using The Old Reader. It's not that bad, it's way better than when I tried it a few months ago. Good at home, good at work and hope it will improve at mobile. I will probably stop using google chat because of this change, and will only receive my e-mails via mobile client/Outlook. Just hope Google don't delete all my feeds for Google Alerts.

Submission + - Food and Agriculture Organization suggest eating insects can help fight hunger (trust.org)

boldsoon writes: A FAO study presented today at the International Conference on Forests for Food Security and Nutrition in Rome told us that, in a large range of eatable insects, those produce much more food than the animals we've been relying on. "On average, insects use just 2 kg of feed to produce 1 kilo of insect meat. Cattle, at the other end of the spectrum, require 8 kg of feed to produce 1 kg of beef."

Comment Re:SOPA vs 6 Strikes (Score 1) 273

I noticed it too. But I hope this mild approach will push the sharing software further in accommodate our privacy, since we can't take it for granted anymore. On another stance, hopefully, people will continue to share, and the moral grounds in wich each one takes "piracy" into their personal access of copyright material will be based on economically and intellectual grounds rather than by a black or white of legal or illegal stance.

Comment Re:I'm usually hard for privacy but you know what (Score 2) 597

The question should be how can you be social in privacy and transparency. The best social experience is when you can control and see clearly your information path. For what I've understand the dash will send your query to canonical, even if you're searching your personal information trying to reach your personal data in your personal computer.

Submission + - Young Students Hiding Academic Talent to Avoid Bullying

jones_supa writes: "The recent anti-bullying survey conducted by ABA brings up some interesting findings. According to it, more than 90% of the 1,000 11-16 year-olds surveyed said they had been bullied or seen someone bullied for being too intelligent or talented. Almost half of children and young people (49.5%) have played down a talent for fear of being bullied, rising to 53% among girls. One in 10 (12%) said they had played down their ability in science and almost one in five girls (18.8%) and more than one in 10 boys (11.4%) are deliberately underachieving in maths – to evade bullying. Worryingly, this means our children and young people are shying away from academic achievement for fear of victimisation."

Submission + - Job: BO Admin with Unix (hexaware.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Should have 4 – 8 Years of experience on BO Admin in UNIX environment.
Should have worked on Web logic/Web sphere.
Should have worked on production support project.
ITIL knowledge is plus.

PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - PS3 security compromised again (playstationlifestyle.net)

An anonymous reader writes: PS3 security has compromised again! The holy grail of the PS3 security encryption keys, LV0 keys, has found and already leaked on the wild. For the homebrew community this means deeper access to the PS3: the possibility of custom (or modified) firmware up to the most recent and future coming ones, possibility of bypassing PS3 hypervisor for installing GNU Linux with full hardware access, dual firmware booting, homebrew advanced recovery (on the molds of Bootmii on Wii), and more. It might lead to more rampant piracy too, because the LV0 keys could facilitate the discovering of the newer games encryption keys, the ones that require newer firmwares. But mostly of that’s features will only work on old models, because on newer ones (after the fail0verflow fiasco) Sony have put differently LV0 keys.

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